La Liga rules for non-European players

La Liga or La Liga BBVA are Spain's highest professional soccer competitions. One of the world's most popular and competitive domestic leagues, the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 are the most watched national leagues. Like all other football leagues in the world, La Liga is governed by specific rules drawn up by the Spanish Football Authority in accordance with the FIFA guidelines. Now let's take a closer look at La Liga rules for non-EU players.

La Liga rules for non-European players

According to the La Liga rules, a club in the top division of the Spanish soccer championship can not take more than three non-EU countries. The same ratio is 2 for second-class football clubs (LigaAdelate). Segunda Division B clubs can not participate in non-EU players. However, clubs in the second or third classes will allow non-EU players to be retained until their contract expires.

According to the decision adopted by the Spanish federation, the La Liga and the second soccer matches in the country should make optimal use of the rules and create aggregate squads authorized by foreign payers.

Citizens of Foreign Players

According to the La Liga Rules players may claim Spanish citizenship from their homeland. Non-European players can apply for Spanish citizenship. However, Spain must play for five years to qualify for Spain's nationality. Furthermore, Caribbean, African and Pacific players (hereinafter referred to as ACP countries) do not belong to the non-EU category due to the Kolpak judgment


La Liga on the English Premier League side On the way to Arsenal. They are called the founder, they are one of the most successful Premier League games in England. Currently Arsenal, led by Arsene Wenger, is on his home circuit at the Emirates Stadium. He created some of the great names of football and attracted many top-tier players to London.

Arsenal results

Arsenal has a good amount of silver in the collection. The club won 13 Premier League titles. In 2004, they won their last Premier League title and are currently leading the league table to have 14 in their profile. The FA Cup was won 12 times in history and the FA Community Shield was eliminated.

Arsenal's awards are not limited to achievements in the domestic field, but internationally. They won the UEFA Champions League and the former UEFA Europa League (former UEFA Cup) title. They are also the winners of the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. In 1994, Arsenal closed the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.

Arsenal has more stars on their board. Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid, Spain, was released to a club show in the summer of 2013.

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