Kobe Bryant Moral MVP

Kobe Bryant describes the National Basketball Association MVP Award for a number of cultural reasons. Before I write this, I have to admit that I am a huge and proud lifelong fan of Los Angeles Lakers. Culturalism does not believe in objectivity. It has to be warned that I have long loved it, woke up and admired Kobe Bryant. This means there are legitimate and important cultural reasons to celebrate Kobe's winning the MVP award.

Kobe's workplace ethics provides a culture strategy towards which we all must strive. Kobe answers almost all the questions for bad nights: "We have to work harder, we have mistakes we need, and we have not achieved our potential or personal goals." It gives a bigger impression that Kobe is answering questions about the win night. Kobe's poor personal relationships with Shaq O & # 39; He led Neil to break their three-way championship team. They were winners, but Kobe did not respect Shaq's bad working conditions. If more people consistently evaluate work ethic, as Kobe does, it will be better for the nation.

People criticize Kobe for being egoistic. It's fun and a clown as the expectation of celebrity behavior. Kobe often smiles, but does not appear in the parties and causes scandal. His public persona and the answers to the questions reflect the seriousness. He is accused of not helping his troops and pulling the ball away. Each of your choices has to do with winning. Would you call Michelangelo not to talk to the pope? Einstein's selfishness did not teach much? Kobe harsh words and criticized teammates who are not working. This is a reflection of taking your boat seriously. Those who want a populist look at competitive aspirations. If Kobe is called the abundance, one must understand the magnitude.

The League ignored Kobe for Colorado's violent charges. Kobe blames this for something. But the sick society reads more. The woman who accused her of wearing a semen from several men in her underwear when the police came. Bought a reputation or a shame and did not mind the difference. We know where these values ​​are. Kobe was not found guilty. Since then, four years ago, Kobe was – as far as we can – fully committed to his wife, children and craftsmanship. How many NBA players are interviewing their children on their lap? Very few people every day show the dedication and dedication that Kobe displays. I'm glad the championship is a moral feeling. Yet, it is long overdue to realize that Kobe has long been a model for hard work, dedication, respect, and good morals.

Kobe received a lot of flack of anger at the management and leaving comments at the Lakers early this year. As a Lakers fan I hated this and scared me. But Kobe is dominated and competitive for a limited number of years. The management was surrounded by players who were not caliber. Kobe is not a socialist. Commitment to excellence and the winner. Allegedly, his leadership led to leadership and aggressive trade. His complacency reflected the root cause of concern and leadership, which made the playoff successful. The calm of mediocrity is not worth.

Kobe Bryant describes the MVP award. Everyone who respects the achievements, commitment, work ethics, excellence and competitiveness must meet him. Sport is the only mass media area where we are still happy to see the craftsmen. Basketball has teams that are small enough to see severity scores in individuals. The actor's success on agents, lucky breaks and constantly comes from himself. Interviews with important people do not deal with the work they have been asked to do so. When we celebrate Kobe Bryant, we celebrate the ethics that made America the best in the world stage. Kobe Bryant won the MVP award. He describes his enthusiastic cultural congratulations from across America. So I congratulate Kobe Bryant, the 2007-2008 NBA MVP!

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