Kentucky Wildcat Sports

The Kentucky Athletics University has existed since the early 1900's and gained evidence for the creation of championship caliber teams. The men's basketball program won the NCAA tournament in 1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996 and 1998 and played 13 Final Four games. The UK's Football Program in 1999 played five bowls. UK sports enthusiasts have always been one of the most loyal and most committed fans in all college sports and are notoriously supportive of their teams being thick and thin. The fan base of the UK is so great that the True Blue Nation name is often described. UK fans have been following the Kentucky Wildcats sports teams since Adolph Rupp (basketball coach) and Bear Bryan (football coach). Through the Rupp seasons, Ukrainian basketball teams have had a lot of success and seem to have been relatively successful since then. More than 90 players from the basketball team have been involved in the NBA. Many of these players returned to Kentucky's roots, where they visited schools, which helped to recruit the state.

Kentucky Wildcats athletics teams have always been dominant when they received worldwide support such as Louisville University, East University, Western University, and Morehead University. Kentucky University Wildcat sports fanaticism often ranges from generation to generation. The phrase "Bite the Blue" is written for a true British fan and written to one of True Blue Nation's members. If I look forward to the following seasons, Rich Brooks is very excited about football for next year. In the past three years, Kentucky football has won three bowls and the team just seems to be getting better and better each year.

With the new basketball coach John Calipari, I'm very curious about the upcoming UK basketball season. This guy's proven winner, intense coaching style and fantastic character I love the basketball program even more. I think he will have many successes in the UK to become a national champion again, which has been missing for the past few years.

In parentheses, the United Kingdom is a great team to follow for many reasons, especially if you like passion for college sports. Kentucky University Wildcats teams will always be my team!

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