Istanbul football stadiums

The Turks are one of the peoples who like football. They try not to leave their favorite teams and be enthusiastic fans. Not surprisingly, there are many stadiums in Istanbul, most of which comply with the NOB standards. Istanbul's most famous stadiums are the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, the Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, the Besiktas Inonu Stadium and the Ali Sami Yen Stadium.

Besiktas Inonu Stadium

The stadium project was designed by an Italian Paolo Vietti Violi architect. It opened in 1947 in Besiktas, with 16,000 seats. Then they called the Mithat Pasha (the creator of the first Turkish constitution) and Ismet Inonu, the successor to Ataturk, and the second president of the Republic of Turkey at the opening ceremony. In 1973, the stadium was renamed to Ismet Inonu, and today it is called Besiktas Inonu Stadium.

The site of construction is very convenient: the stadium was built at the Dolmabahce palace site near the Bosphorus. Perhaps this is the only football stadium where two parts of the world – Europe and Asia – are visible. There is also a wonderful view of the Dolmabahce Palace and the Mosque as well as the Bosphorus from the upper columns of the stadium. According to UEFA's standards, in 2004, the stadium was rebuilt to the highest Elite category.

There will be another reconstruction in the near future when they almost shut down the stadium and build a new stadium, 42,000 seats and a transparent slider body. Only one tribe will be repaired and preserved – the Eski Acik – because it counts as an architectural monument. In addition, architects are planning to build a 5-star hotel, congress center, shopping center and parking space near the stadium.

This stadium is the Besiktas national football team, but other clubs such as Galatasaray and Fenerbahce have played here. However, there remains a place where Black Eagles (the unofficial name of Besiktas players) have defeated Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Milan and Paris Saint Germain.

Ali Sami Yen Stadium

This stadium, which hosts the Galatasaray football club, opened in 1964. The team's founder and first president, Ali Sami Yen, was the chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey. Now the stadium has only 23,785 seats and Galatasaray's European tournament matches are in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. However, Ali Sami Yen Stadium continues to occupy where Galatasaray has won Barcelona, ​​Real, Manchester United, Fenerbahce and Besiktas.

Galatasaray players are unofficial names of Lions, and their fans call the Cennehem (Hell) stadium. Today, Galatasaray meets their opponents with the Cennehem Hosgeldiniz motto, which means Welcome To The Hell.

Ali Sami Yen Stadium is located in Sisli district near the street leading to the Bosphorus Bridge. In 2007, Galatasaray started construction of a new football stadium called Turk Telekom Arena. In addition to the 58,000-seat stadium, there is an indoor sports hall, 15,000 seats, a metro station, a shopping center and a parking space.

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