Interesting facts about bars and clubs

So you look like a bar and night club fan? Do you think you know the industry? Think again. Here are just a few things you probably do not know about your favorite bars and nightclubs.

  • Were you in the bouncers boss, at a bar or in a nightclub? Probably, however, if the misfortune ever meets him, it would be desirable to address him as "Cooler".
  • The bars and nightclubs in the corners are on average larger than the bars and nightclubs on the usual many lands.
  • At a given time, you spend most of Ibiza's population at the bar or nightclub.
  • Southeast Asian bars and clubs are the countries that seem to be most likely to drink, especially spirits, which are disproportionately more expensive than locally produced products (in particular beers) for many reasons
  • The most popular shot in the world of vodka … largely supported by the Russians where vodka and the number one drink in the world. The brewer invests millions of dollars in the design of beer pans, as a good bristle performance can improve beer sales by more than $ 20.
  • Among the bars and entertainment venues, destination No. 1 was chosen to meet with people of the opposite sex.
  • The reason why there is a huge number of small bars in Melbourne and Sydney is not due to various licensing laws between individual states. In Melbourne, the cost of creating a bar is much lower and as such promotes smaller sites. In response to the popularity of the small bars in Melbourne, Sydney has begun to relax licensing laws, allowing smaller operators to open small bars.
  • The word Strobe (like the Strobe lamp) is actually short for Stroboscopic. 19659011]

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