In the Italian Football League

The Italian Football League is a series of matches played by different football clubs in Italy. All of these are linked league matches between different football clubs in Italy. The highest club is Lega Calcio or Lega Nazionale Professionisti. This club is divided into Serie A and Serie B

The second club is the leaderboard Lega Pro; regulates first grading and second grading. The former has two parallel distributions and the latter have three parallel distributions.

The upcoming series is called Serie D, a tournament formed by nine parallel divisions and divided by the geographical locations of the clubs. 19659002] The first Italian association was established in the 1891s because of the English-born emigrants. When the leagues started, they were separate for the Italians and foreigners. Gradually Fused

The last step to creating a single league structure for the Italian championship began in 1929.

Since the Second World War, the Italian football dominating teams have been Juventus, AC Milan and Internazionale. ] The league system began in 1978 when the semi-specialists ceased.

In the same year, Lega Pro became a full-fledged championship and Italy was the first country with two different professional leagues. To understand what the Italian Football League is like, we need to know what the league system is, this is a hierarchy of leagues, which means that the team can be raised or backed up depending on the position and the playoffs. The structure is called a pyramid, as most of the regional divisions are in the lower part.

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