In football marketing What is the point of getting the basics and basics?

I watched the armed troops spend hours at the end of the day. There is no freedom at weekends and weekdays. Everyday is a football day. If two Armani teams meet, it is very difficult to see the difference for a non-practiced eye. All teams are in place. But every time these armored troupe meet with the professional cloth when you see their abilities. They score dozens of goals. These armature teams spend more time than professionals. But why can not they keep armor clothes when they meet with specialists? Why do they persuade them? Michael Jordan has overthrown this mystery, he said:

"There is a very simple saying: there is a right path and a bad way of doing things. All that you do is going to rise."

he is doing the day through teaching classes when he practices improper techniques, gets poor basics and is expert in doing bad things. That's why you get a paste every time you play professional gear.

This is true for football marketing. I saw clubs that made TV ads, put up street posters, opened up support branches, and made all kinds of things with a negligible or negligible difference. The stadiums are still empty during the match days. The support base will continue to be lukewarm and the fans will continue to avoid these clubs.

The fundamentals and fundamentals of these clubs are defective. They simply became experts in doing bad things.

Fundamentals of football marketing include getting fans and creating community activities that keep fans alive. If you lower these basic things down, everything you do will increase your stadium and your fans.

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