If digital marketing was a football club

Digital marketing is very similar to running a football team. Each element has a different role and provides a very different type of contribution. But the whole must be fully in line with a well-oiled machine that works to achieve a common goal. Various skills are needed and there is a way to analyze how individual individuals / tactics are created. Although strikers / creatives can always be those who catch their eye and are commended, the rest of the team is just as important.

So this is my quest to play Fantasy Football Manager with my digital market strategy [19659002] 1 Goalkeeper – PPC

Requires the right amount of reliability from the goalkeeper. Nothing shiny. You can not afford to have a day off. If a manager sleeps at night, he needs to know exactly what he will get from his plug. You get that from PPC – exactly what you pay for. As long as you've done the keyword analysis well, PPC will fulfill what you promise – every time.

2 and 3 Full-Backs – Social Media Marketing

Modern full-backs must be multifaceted and adaptable. They need solid defensive skills, if necessary, but then step up, rely on the attack when the opportunity arises. You get this from social media marketing. You may simply be helping social signatures to help SEO. Or customer service or simply to keep the community, then BANG! It delivers great content, and social media can give you wings, and it's great and wide-ranging.

4 Middle Back – Conversion Rate Optimization

The middle back must read the game, you have to estimate the whereabouts of where to come, then be in the right position to deal effectively with it. This is CRO. There is no point that directs traffic to your site if the user experience is weak and does not get the desired result.

5 Center Back (Capt) – Data Acquisition and Analysis

is a leader. This is the most common position of the captain. Modern marketing data management. If you get data collection, segmentation, and analysis, you can set all your tactics to get the right message right for the right people.

6 Holding Midfield – Email Marketing

The medium host of the economy is ultra-trustworthy. He may not be the most creative player on his side, but he is one of the most important. Always be in the right place at the right time. This is email marketing. It's not the most common tactic these days, but it's right, and it comes from time to time. And as a medium-sized entrepreneur needs to work closely with the middle backrests, email marketing is a function of data collection and segmentation.

8 Middle Midfield – PR

Your middle midfielder must be creative. They have to read the opposition, find their weaknesses, and then deliver the assassin's helpers to the front men. This is PR. Identify trademarks, then convince them to name the brand and ideally connect with it, now PR synagogue – both brand awareness and SEO. But this is not easy and can only be achieved with creativity and endurance.

10 Midfield – Content Marketing

10 is the most creative player on the pitch. An individual who can create the spell that can transform the game. He may catch himself or give the strikers the beautiful help. This is content marketing. If you create great content, everything else becomes easier. Social Media's commitment is up and the search ranking follows. Influences are written about it and linked to it. GOOOAAAL!

7 and 11 Wide gamers – for paid companions

The broad player's role is primarily for the strikers. There is a need to keep quality balls in the box to get strikers to score. That's what paid-For does. Targeting options are endless and they are correctly fulfilling the right suggestion at the right time for the right person. There is a record in the news source.

9 Striker – Organic Search Engine Optimization

One striker has only one job – the score. You can talk about effort, luck, and skill as much as you want, but if the ball does not go to the back of the net, the job is not going to work. This is SEO. Search is very important and you are either on or on Google's first page. This is not easy for many terms. Therefore, strikers are the highest paid players in the game.

Senior Trainer – Monitoring and Evaluation

The coach needs to know exactly how the team performs, analyzes strengths and weaknesses and keeps suggestions for improvement. This can be new tactics, new training programs, or changes to the players. You get this from your control and evaluation process. Real-time information was never available. But to design the information that is real, then to the analysis and quick action, the place where the skill comes. Like a world-class coach.

Manager – Digital Strategy

The manager must define the team's goals for the season (along with its owner), the style of the game, and collect the staff to reach these goals. Then you have to choose your team each week. There is a big difference between the Champions League and the avoidance of relegation. This is the digital strategy. You have to start with realistic and achievable goals (which many football managers are lagging behind). Then you have to put together a plan. Maybe it may be boring, but the budget is coming soon (Some soccer clubs have failed!), You can choose available tactics. Magic is doing something very special, without spending a fortune. Eric Cantona Anyone?

So, that was a bit fun. I want to hear your feedback. What will your team look like? And my American colleague – what would be the Digital Marketing NFL team?

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