I love NFL football! Let me count on the methods

As for me, there are two seasons in America (who are interested in what the weatherman says!). The football season and the Offseason. Then there's everything else.

Why can I say such a ridiculous thing?

Because I am a fan of Diehard Football!

Heck, I really like it – as long as an elongated ball is playing in a 120-yard field and includes blocking and abusing – I'll do it all.

But as long as I live, never will be as exciting and majestic as NFL Football, the National Football League in the US is the most popular sport because it is the best!

I know you want to win …

Well, for three reasons

1) Football matches our lifestyle Do not be angry with me – I like other sports but ever you watched a baseball or basketball game that started at 10 o'clock Watch, I enjoy the race as much as the next guy, but I have to go to work in the morning! And I know Prime Time Football is too late (because they are on the east coast), but at least the majority of the games are played on Sunday. And this is crucial because most people come from school and Sunday work. Big Win in my book.

2) The NFL presents the game at the highest level . Look, I know there are a lot of people who will argue that Pro is better than College (yes, that's another argument). And that's okay.

But no one can say that every week is better athletics than The Football Field. The wonderful catches, the fracturing hits and the razor-thin game between Attack, Defense and Special Teams.

I have no idea how Officers know most of their calls in real time. Even in the super-slow slow changes, it is difficult to tell whether the toes of the toy touch the white stripe or not.

How can not you evaluate athleticism?

3) is so important . Sunday's accumulations are a wonderful crescendo for Kickoff. And if you're talking about Week 4 or Week 14, each game feels like a win-win case.

Think about it if your favorite team is four in a row falls, this means that it is not Won Month! And since there are so few games, the importance and size of the game of the week's ball is bigger than life.

Okay, maybe you just feel that way.

And that's the beauty. Indeed, nothing in the world like football.


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