How to win youth players in the US This football is the best sport for the game

Football is the most popular sport in almost every country in the world. That is, unless you live in the USA where football, baseball and basketball are more popular. As a football coach, the problem is how to get young people interested in football instead of other sports.

First, we need to look at the reasons why other sports are more popular than football in the US. One of the main reasons is the viewer's appeal. Local football, baseball and basketball television and promotion for every major city in the United States. Young athletes are watching this and associating with the heroes. Another reason is that the money available in a professional game is much more than American football than in football. As a result, many young athletes strive to live in high-income American sports.

Not that football is a poor man's sport. Wheres of footballers are rising everywhere in the world. For example, two of the world's best football players are Christiano Ronaldo and Robinho for $ 200,000 and $ 320,000 per week. David Beckham, who plays for LA Galaxy, is also with the highest soccer players. Although the interest in football among young athletes in the United States is growing, sports can not compete with advertising and advertising in American sports.

The question is how to convince American young players that football is the best sport to enter. Here are some good reasons:

Football is a sport that every player can play and succeed. In football, where physics and size are important factors in basketball, where it is very advantageous that it is far more than six feet high, each player can succeed in football, regardless of the size or customization of the player. Big and strong players can find positions as defenders, midfielders, or performers. Small players can find positions as forward moves and wings, and they will be able to develop skills in these positions. Slower players can also find positions, especially in midfield. There is a place for everyone who has a desire.

Participation in the game is much greater in football than in other sports. There are so many stoppages in football in the game. Some players, such as kickers, can only play very limited amounts in the game. In football, even if your team does not have a ball, everyone has to defend it. Even the predecessors have to protect them from the beginning. Defenders, if not protected, must support the midfield and the balls.

Football is a very fast paced, almost continuous participation. Basketball is probably the most similar to US sport for football, the most varied difference being the size of the court on the pitch

Speed, strength and stamina, skill is of great significance in soccer, giving the athlete more round properties. At youth level, you often find that youth footballers are often excited in other American sports.

Young people's athletes are a good way for young people interested in football to look at high-quality professional games on TV. The English Premier League is probably the best thing to watch because it has a fast pace of high-level training. The best players in the world are played in this league. There are a number of TV stations that present these games, such as Fox Sports World.

It would also be nice for future youth footballers to get to some local college football games or semi-pro games if there is a team in the field

And then there is the magical feeling to score a goal celebration. Football is certainly growing in the US. The game is more rounded than the United States sport. The success of football worldwide can be recognized as players such as Brad Friedel in the English Premier League

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