How to play football – The 3 basic positions

It's very important for coaches to teach their teams about basic attacking principles and positioning when is to play football .

  • The Three Basic Positions
  • There are three basic positions in the assault. The first Tracker is holding the ball. This player's main task is to keep possession of the ball as far as possible by dribbling, passing or shooting.

    There are second attackers then. They are the players of the first offensive light ground. The second attacker's main task is to prevent losing possession while still allowing the ball to progress when possible. This must be the case until the ball goes to the target scoring area.

    The trainer must have a second offensive position before entering the scoring range in order to allow short relay to pass between each other and the first attacker.

    To get the ball around the defenders, the attackers try to catch the ball from all the defenses and hit the goal area without hindrance.

    The only second attacker must be ready. As soon as the ball moves within the scoring range, a single attacker has to change the "first-security" orientation of possession. This means you have to try to drag the ball back to the goal to keep it.

    The purpose of keeping possession is to be prepared to play a more active role for the only attacker or first attacker for the purpose of shooting.

    This is the time when the second attacker must be in a position to allow the first offensive to pass the ball to a "defensive zone" behind or behind the defenders.

    This is where the player can get an instant shot. Now there is a third attacker as well. Its main task is to defend the defenses by leaving the bottom points, usually on the other side of the target. When we need to learn and teach football, these are the principles that should be considered.

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