How to play football – principles of protection

When we learn how to play football, we often teach players how to score, but we need to teach players how to defend them both as a team and individually. The defensive teachers of football will only teach this and ensure that they build a solid defensive structure for their team.

Protection of the principle of the game can be applied if the opposition has a ball and will operate independently of the ball position. There are five basic principles for steering when defending:

  1. Delay
  2. Depth
  3. Scale
  4. Concentration
  5. Control / Retention

Defender closest to the ball and to the landing page

The player with the ball is the most dangerous opponent and must always be at the center of the first defender and this is the role of winning the ball or delaying the opposition when the opposition has ball, the first and objective goal is to regain possession. So the things that the first defender has to focus on

  1. Must focus on the ball and the first offensive
  2. Obtained the ball or delayed the intrusion
  3. Stops or delay the ball in the ball forward
  4. Reduces the alternative to an attacker wants to go to the ball
  5. Show the opponent as the 1st defender wanted the attacker to go
  6. Applies an attacking opponent if there are supporters
  7. A balanced and finished state on their feet,

Defending principles – role of 2nd defender (s)

Second defender (s) first defender

to assist the first defender and assist the first defender:

  1. Cover and Support Quickly
  2. You may need to designate support attackers. Note that the shape of attacking body 1 dictates where the second defender should concentrate on the support.
  3. Always have the
  4. view double pressure on the ball
  5. on the next opponent who is able to bet the ball

Supporting defense (s) keep communicating with 1st defender and let with them the dangers and opportunities that the first defender does not know.

The Role of 3rd Defenders

Third Defender (s) are Other Defenders Far Far from Immediate Playing Area

The 3rd Defenders play the role of concentration, mobility and communication.

Defender (s) 3 have a number of ways to support defenders 1 and 2 to ensure that the principle of the game is respected.

  • Keep track of your opponents advancing
  • Do not let your opponents reach the goal
  • Always ready for defense balance
  • Always ready for defense guard 1 or 2 immediately
  • field and communication
  • Always keep track
  • Always put pressure on the next game that is able to bet the ball
  • Understanding and applying the principles in the sections ensure that players they learn how to play so that they can defend against each team with their knowledge and abilities for the best possible ability.

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