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Soccer training is a curious beast. For the last few decades, it did not have to create a particularly athletic design to become a professional footballer. Now, however, the top-level players – and even some semi-professional football players – find strenuous training programs and physics. It's right to say that football is more important than ever, so here are some tips that will help you get in the right position for 90 minutes.

First you need to know the football position or at least the style of play to know what's best. Players playing football should be cautious and in balance; the aerial skills must be worked out from the middle ground, so the leaping skill is absolute. Centrally-centered players must be responsive to the upper body and be able to enter the balls while goal-striking strikers need speeds to leave their markers. After knowing where to concentrate, you can create a soccer fitness system according to your needs.

This means that there are a lot of important lessons that every footballer – even the goalkeepers – keeps in mind the offer to keep fit.

First of all, the general aerobic fitness. Professionals can well cover the 4.5 miles spent in the game, and even though they do not go too far, they have to be in the distance. So work in aerobics.

Anaerobic fitness is almost as important. This is the "hardcore" fitness test, and it is also valid if sprintez. So, just like running a stamina, make sprint drills to suit the desired pace if needed.

And although it does not refer exactly to fitness, do not forget the ball. Exercising football billiards is a great way to break the run-in and if you can combine the two – for example, running while the ball is 50 meters away – it will also be a better player.

Then always keep warm on the game day. This is a key to fitness, as proper soccer warm-up reduces the likelihood of injury. If you warm up the ball, start the basic muscle sections in all the major groups and then take some sprint drills. Combine these with static revolutions, especially when you run a lot of balls and make short strides while the center-bounce header moves to get ready for your neck!

Heat is just as important: not many fans will be able to tell you because it has long left the stadium when it is done. But it's important for all players to tap, jump, and touch. This may be the last thing you want to do after an exhausting (but exciting) 90 minutes, but it should be time to play for a long time. Well, this and a football diet – eat healthy, sleep well and take enough carbohydrates before the game ends in the distance.

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