How to play Fantasy Football Confidence Pools

You may be playing fantastic sports for a while and asked to play in your first pool of confidence. Or perhaps entirely new fantasy sports games. In both cases, the Confidence Pool is really a very interesting way to bet. We say "we accept" because you choose a team to win each week, even though you do not bet.

The game is very simple. In a standard trust pool you will receive the winners of each NFL contest this week (yes, all 16 games with less bonuses). Then weigh each pick with more confidence points between 1 and 16 (where the higher is even better). You can not use the number again and all numbers must be used. If the winning team wins, they will get the points they assigned to the game.

Points and Payments

So how does scoring and payouts work? Many pools will collect an entry fee. This fee will be collected from all participants and dispersed in the form of weekly and / or seasonal. The weekly winner is the person whose coinage has made the most points from the correct chips (to the lowest possible 136 points). These rankings are listed throughout the season to determine the ranking within the tournament. You can win a week to win money and you can win the overall scoring this season.

This kind of fee structure means that even the rookie poolboys can compete with the experts. Even a beginner who uses "animal strategy" chooses the best one week or two. (The "animal strategy" is that you choose to win a cage like a cage in the wild, like the Chicago Bears rivals in Philadelphia Eagles, the Bears win every time. Some pitfalls: see "Detroit Lions" or " at the other end of "Arizona Cardinals".)

Variable League Settings

A good fantasy sports venue allows pool swappers to choose from a wide range of customizable settings. We can choose from the following most common league options. Want to consider options and costs between some service providers. There are good websites that offer free trust pools. You just have to look for them.

Trust pools generally allow each team owner to drop a certain number of bad weekly coins per season (say, the lowest 2 weeks from 16 weeks). These are often called "Drop Week". This feature allows you to forget the week when you start from the city and have not read it, and it helps to make the spirit more beautiful after an unusually bad week.

Another common opportunity is not to rank the weekly straight winners, but to rank the winners against the spread. This harder option means that if Broncos-Raiders are 6 points (for Broncos in this case), you must choose whether the Broncos wins or wins more than 6 or more. d then assigns trust points as a normal pool.

Finally, does the pool allow "autopicks" if the owner does not pick up this week? Autopicks allow your computer to use the default decision-making system, such as all your favorites, ranked in descending order. If the pool closes the option at the beginning of the first game and you are eager to watch the Saturday night drinks at least you will be playing this week.


If you've read it before, it's a good idea to get advice on how to win your trust pool. In addition to the obvious (which ensures that you score points in confidence), each league player must be aware of the most important factors in the NFL: injuries, weather, home field, teammates, and training matchups. Studying all information for every game can be tedious for non-NFL where, but many web sites and experts offer forecasts for each game. You may want to check out these web pages if you do not have time to do the research.


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