How to plan a celebration of life

The funeral does not need a family and friends to sit in front of a dead body, saying the rosary. Nowadays, many people are frightened of traditional memory services and create a celebration of a memorable personalized life. There may be some questions, such as:

Why should I serve at all?

Services are really about love. You take time and express and share the love you feel. It is important to celebrate, but not to the detriment of recognizing that something important is lost. The best services blend memories, comfort, and encouragement. This time you have to share your loss, laugh and talk and share your thoughts and feelings.

Where do I have to hold a lifetime?

There are some funeral houses and cremation societies in the rooms that use their premises. If you are a member of a congregation, you can consider the Church's community room. Many people now choose a private venue, such as a rural club, a university or a related garden. Where did you like one to go on Saturday afternoon: on the beach, in the tennis club, on the golf course, on a patrol, on football games? If they were sailors, the harbor or yacht club would be a good place to gather.

Who can I lead to the service?

Orders are becoming more popular. Certified Funeral Celebrant is a person who wants to meet the needs of families at the time of the loss. You get a solemn training to help individuals create and present a personalized funeral, memorial or ceremony.

Many families today do not participate in an organized religion or church. They have no family members and rather celebrate life than sermons. A celebrant respects the wishes of the family and presents a religious or non-religious gathering. The family is free to take as little as you want. The service belongs to your family, and as you want it, as you wish.

How can I distinguish my family and friends from my memory?

You have only one chance to gather everyone's memory. Consider the lined 3 "x 5" cards that say "I always remember when …" or "I wish I had the chance to tell you …" These cards and pens are passed to friends and family members to join the service . The solemn or burial director is responsible for the delivery and collection at the end of the service. These cards can be placed in a bag and will have to be taken and shared in family gatherings over the coming years. The ancestors become the age of the coming generations.

You can print this to your home computer and copy them to a card set. You can also find them on our website below.

Guest books are not very practical, as people have to strive to wait in the service. Unless emotions and memories are shared, what is the long-term use of guestbook? If emotions and memories are shared, waiting can be very long and delaying the service.

What can I put on the memory stick?

Create a spreadsheet and bring things that loved loved to do. For example, if you want to paint, bring your creations, paintings, brushes, and cloaks. You could bring the cutlery and paint the paintings on their brush. If they were gardeners, they could bring their gardening tools and flower pots. If you like football, any logo can bring a souvenir from the team that they supported or if you can. If you like photography, set your favorite cameras on the table with a few photos. You may want to write to the notepad "Sarah has always found the time to make the perfect photo and then share it with us. If you like golf, bring clubs, spiders, scores, and golf balls with a card Jane hole is one of the 7- "

Look to put your pockets on the table that reflects your loved ones: invite you to pick one, put it on your pocket or purse and when I go, you remember the missing

You can buy flowers, personalized cards that can be placed on the memory stick and taken by friends and family and kept the card as a souvenir and throwing seeds. ] Do I need meals?

Do you always have a nice meal, dinner, or an afternoon meal with more production than punching and tea sandwich betting, choosing food from the day, the venue, and budgeting your favorite food or favorite food? If you like roast chicken, squid and apple pie, you may need to consider it. Do not forget the dessert. I personally like to see candy in my service.

Should I serve the drinks?

It may be easy to be against alcohol because emotions and alcohol are never a good combination. Death can cause family problems, and if alcohol is added, things can disappear. I recommend punch, soft drinks, coffee and tea. If you choose the beach setting, you might want a smoother job? Was your favorite drink? If so, would it be appropriate to serve it?

What can I do at the exhibition?

Considering the release of a balloon. Family members and friends can write the note on a label attached to a balloon. Balloons can be found in many grocery stores or Yellow Pages.

Consider the programmable seed cards. You can personalize your cards with the names of your loved ones, and if your cards are planted, remember that no flowers are growing in their memory.

It is possible to take a parade and place the candles around the coffin or the urn. Candles can be given to families and friends at the end of the ceremony as a reminder.

How can I help get in touch with guests? It is more than likely that many will be involved who do not know each other. Additionally, if the person you have lost is older, your friends are probably old. Older people have on-site publishing and memory. You want to make sure the name is printed so that the name can be read. We also recommend that people write the contact list to know their loved one. This will become a great start to the conversation.

I hope these suggestions were useful.

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