How to keep a Bingo Fundraiser in a successful basket

Bingo fundraiser events have been in place for decades. This is because people like to play bingo and charity organizations are looking for thousands of dollars for just one night in bingo. Many nonprofit organizations, clubs and schools have annual basketball events. There are some organizations whose fundraisers in the basket have become so popular and profitable that they spend two or three times a year in basketball bingo.

While organizing up to $ 5000 in basketball evenings, there is plenty of work and preparation behind the scenes to take on one of these fundraisers.

So what's the bingo fundraiser in the basket?

Basketball is like a regular bingo, except that the prizes are all baskets. Most often baskets are Longaberger baskets. The baskets are packed with products such as Longaberger accessories, gift vouchers, candles, scrapbooking supplies, beauty products, gourmet food, etc. Each filled basket costs hundreds of dollars. This is a big draw for the fundraiser.

Typical basketball fundraiser lasts three to four hours. Saturday is good afternoon or evening.

Typical Basket Bingo Fundraiser items are as follows:

Ticket Tickets

Tickets are usually delivered for $ 20.00 on the door or $ 18.00 in advance. For this price, each participant receives 20 bingo players bingo cards. You sell an extra playbook for $ 5. Some people buy extra cards to increase their chances of winning in every bingo game. There are also some special bingo games that people pay specially. His goal is to sell 100 and 200 tickets. If you sell 125 tickets to $ 20.00, a piece that's $ 2500. You can make more money for your organization when selling board games and eating.

Raffle Prizes

You can also win special prizes for bingo games. Ticket bets can be promoted and sold more during the event, for example $ 1.00 or $ 5.00 per ticket. In order to maximize revenue, prizes and tickets must be advertised. Do not ask the winner to be present under the drawing. The raffle prize should not be a basket, but it should be a good dollar prize. The Longaberger wrought iron tables and accessories are responsible for rogue prizes.

They fight for a lot of cash prizes. The 50/50 raffle is also a good way to raise more money under the basket bingo fundraiser. With a 50/50 raffle, tickets are usually sold for $ 1.00. At the end of the raffle, a ticket will be issued and the winner will receive fifty percent of the total amount from the sale of the tickets. The other fifty percent of the bank is held by the organization.

Door Wins

They will also receive prizes to draw the drawings during the event. Give everyone a ticket to the event, a raffle ticket for each prize. The door prizes are usually small items.

Food & Refreshments

Snack Bars and Concessions. As the event lasts 3-4 hours, you will need refreshments. In some bargains, a bingo event serves a buffet lunch, which is paid by the participants. You can increase more money by donating foods. You might want to give a free drink to all those who bought a ticket. Bake sales are also good earners at bingo fundraisers.

Professional Bingo Calling and Bingo Supplies

A professional bingo caller is recommended because a person with experience and bingo requires a night bingo run. It will also be necessary for the masters of ceremonies who are responsible for making announcements and moving the activities.

Prize Wagons

For each bingo game you have to win a prize. Longaberger baskets are good to use because they can be collected. There are a lot of Longaberger basketball players who would not be bingo players anyway, but they come to the event to win a chance for a basket. Many Longaberger carts are also created, so it's easy to fill them out on a theme. In order to earn money in the fundraiser, basket and prizes must be donated. You can contact a local Longaberger Sales Representative who can sell the baskets and give advice on filling them out. Raising money to buy baskets or to donate and replenish takes time and money. If your organization is a school, you can assign a basket theme to each class and ask students' family members to submit the items to fill the baskets.

Really requires a few months of work to keep the basketball fundraiser. First, you have to decide whether you will be able to compile a group of volunteers who are ready and able to do so. After you have assembled your team, you have to say you need baskets, money and prizes. You must also choose the location and date of the fundraiser. Then you will be on track for a successful basket-bingo fundraiser.

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