How to handle someone in football?

After watching the different football teams, I came to the conclusion that there are many players who do not know the correct way for the ball supplier. Today, I'll teach you the seven steps that are needed to properly handle the guy running football. If someone cope, it may be entertaining until you know the correct solution.

first Make sure you choose the right angle when approaching the ball bearings. I have seen a lot of games where the defender is running at the ball driver, and this can be avoided by the ball supplier. You have to think very quickly to know where the ball carrier is going.

2nd As long as you are moving toward the person, make sure it breaks down like a squatting situation. We always want to be lower than the person. Because I'm telling you so you can use your foot to help you.

3rd Another key step in coping is that your arms are divided, so you can overlap them around the other person. In professional football many players leave this step and only try to get into the attacking player. Sometimes he works on some ball traps, but at other times the ball bearer just runs.

4th It is an important step throughout the treatment process to look upward. If you do not hold your head, this can cause serious injury. Sometimes in high school and in dormitories, players are injured because their heads are dealt face down.

5th The waist goal is another important step in handling ball bearings. Sometimes defensive players are raised on their feet, they think that he actually starts and falls. This technique sometimes works when it's time, but sometimes it does not work because it just skips.

6th Explosion with the gun. This is perhaps the most important step, since you can not bring someone down without blasting. You must take more violence than the other person or win the other person.
7. Do not stop your feet. This is the last step in the fight against the attacks with football.

Conclusion: In order to find a great solution, we must practice on the basics. They cover everything I just went through.

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