How to get to a lost football team

Below, I received a letter from a soccer trainer who lost and wanted to know how to improve the team.

Hi SoccerHelp,

Since the original letter, we've been successful. Our next soccer match, 3-0. Player 3 was restored to the stop at half of the game and I used the second player at player 9. The boys played great, and I thought I finally broke the code where the different guys would be.

But next week we lost again. We've been designing to play a team that could play in every possible way or based on our play last week. We lost 5-1. The boys did not play any energy at all, and I felt extremely frustrated watching their place while watching the other team. At least half if the majority of the team did not play the viewer. Most of the football goals were won because my defenders were not in football and did not attack the ball.

Last week we lost 8-0 to our game. I started playing our stronger players in the opening quarter to try to keep the score and morale. We played the number one team and started playing them fairly evenly, but we could not convert anything to the football goal because our offensive players were not in position and we scored three goals in the first half as our soccer defenders were not in position. Again we visited the field and after a while the defenders, who were not very aggressive to start, completely stopped playing. I had to buy a player because he really stopped the move, it was like playing Bad News Bears. By the end, even good players have given up.

Obviously I'm not very effective at my football training. What activities can I do to try to help the boys in their position? Do we regularly cover football practice but do not seem to sink? Also, what are your thoughts about playing a child? I have a good enough player to build a relatively good team, but usually half of the team is at the same time on the non-qualified site. I try to get everyone together within the same time, but when the kids do not try, I think they should take them (I have not done this yet, as this would mean that some players are sitting almost all the time). [19659002] Coach T

Hi Coach T,

I would like to encourage you not to go beyond the number one team. It is very important for you to be realistic – remember that you were left to lose this team. It happened that his team saw he could not win and give up in the second half. This is not nice but understandable and practical (Why do you let yourself be killed if you do not win your victory?) It simply suffers from your energy, I think it is better to admit that it is not your day and mentally the next game focus on saving the best efforts for the teams who have the chance to defeat them). I suggest tell your team that they are improving, but your opponent was just the best of the day and losing the game nothing ashamed. It's very important to be realistic about your team and potential. You are no wonder working and can not do the impossible. All you can do is to do everything you can with talent, speed, aggressiveness and practical time. CLEAR to lose a better and faster team – all you can do is to minimize damage and try not to leave too much of your team's morale and confidence.

I have some ideas to consider:

1. Do you try to practice it? If so, stop writing. the kids are more enthusiastic about their real matches if they do not practice.

2nd I noticed that you use iron-on patches with your team. Your biggest needs are aggressive gaming, defense and scoring, so I can only fix the 3 things. I would only give one patch NOT ONLY for actual scoring, but also because STEP IN THE POSITION – if the players are doing the right things they will start earning points. If you learn the goals, you should stop fixes to reach goals, but now you have to do this to teach them how to score. The team must also work on a COMPETITION RELEASE. If you get more patches, buy V and A patches … if you win, do a big deal. Do not give corrections for participation – give them some effort, results, and aggressiveness. The exception can be a patch for participating in practice, but you can enter one for every 2 or 3 exercises. Participation in practice is critical to the success of your team.

3rd To be motivated, try the Premium Motivation Quotations … I read it myself.

4th Do you play Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race Practice? Use it for Aggressive Receiving Learning – this is important – players must be more aggressive in winning the ball. Play with a pair and give a patch to the winners. You can achieve better, faster results by focusing on Aggressive Reception than the one you are focusing on – Aggressive Reception is more important for teaching.

5th Do we play Dribble Across the Square in every practice? This is important – play at the beginning of the exercise as a warm-up – twice in a 10-byte wide square and then twice with a 14-step wide field

6. Do not try to emphasize the transfer unless you are playing the Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race – tell your racers to try and get them to find a rebound and get aggressive. Tell the guards to go straight ahead and teach the ball and give them the patch if yes.

7th Do you have sports drinks and water in the games? If not, try it – make a difference (a good article about hydration on the premium)

8. Play with the Shoulder Strike and Force in the ball game to confirm the players.

ninth As for the same playing time: In most leagues, each player has to play 50% of the game – check what the tournament is. If a player does not try or do not ask questions, then one should not expect to play as well as anyone who, I think, is a fair approach. You have the obligation to the players, but also to the team.

10th Did you teach Coaching Rule # 3? U-9 scored 2 goals

11. Did you teach First Defender / Second Defender? How to teach it in Quick Team Development.

12th I suggest you make BRAVERY BIG DEAL and give it a red patch and just for this – the BRAVERY patch (also known as Blood Patch) – believe me it works – I used it myself.

13th You are right – you must be brave players on Fullback and Stopper – this is CRITICAL. If Defend Deep does not have to be trained or fast, they must be brave.

14th If Defend Deep (if you leave the Fullbacks deeply), consider that the tough Fullbacks play in the majority of the game or even in the whole game (possibly with 3 players)

15. Try the Win the 50/50 Ball Game and use it to teach players to slow down the attack if they can not win the ball.

I think you're closer than you think. The key is to motivate players to play hard. Do not condemn the progress with the 8-0 loss – this loss is understandable – it was like an avalanche when it started, could not stop it – it is best if you try not to be injured.

Please let me know which of these ideas help you and other ideas that will help you.

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