How has football changed over the years?

The story of the world's most popular sport is much longer than an average football fan who goes back for at least two millennia. Obviously, the game has changed a lot during the intense time. Even the modern football game – as in the last century and especially in the last twenty or thirty years – is still developing: modern football has certainly had the upward and downward side of the pitch.

It's hard to imagine, but there was a time when football was not a penalty rule: it was not the rule that a player would stand for the opponent's goal all the time, waiting for a long time. This was exactly why the offsides rule was introduced, so that such a player got into an "offside" position, so the ball could be awarded to the opposition team. It's even harder to imagine the fact that yellow and red cards were first introduced to soccer football as they did in the recent past in 1976: before that, the crowd and the thrust were endured.

Over the years, more than the rules of the game have changed. Football pitches are now in a better state than before. The tools used by users have improved; the leather football ball and the balls were introduced to the players by boots and modern anti-sweat material instead of regular clothes. Footballers must now be physically modest, as they are expected to run more and run faster in order to cover the greater distance that previous players had to meet. Players must also pass a ball faster. The more agile way of today's football requires greater mental concentration than the players.

Nowadays football is the world's largest watchport, attracting nearly thirty billion viewers on TV. Big football clubs are great international businesses, and each player has the stars that pay accordingly. While the rumor is that big money broke the "beautiful game", it is obvious that football – "the most important thing is all that is irrelevant" and now becomes a major deal in the world's most massive play and a major part of modern folk culture – and becomes extremely lucrative . Still, some say that the art of football is the real global language.

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