How does Football Transfer work?

Football players move from one club to another. Two windows are in summer, which runs between July and August, in winter in January. How is this so? First, the club who wants to take the player will submit a written offer to the player's current club. This offer is the transfer fee, which is usually a million pounds for the stars, e.g. Manchester United offered £ 80 million for Real Madrid against Cristiano Ronaldo.

Then the trial over the award begins, which takes time. Now that the prize is the same, the player's agent will negotiate the payment. The agent will then try to get the best possible bonus with the target bonuses, the clear card bonus, and so on. Clauses prefer the termination clause, wage increase, etc.

If all formalities are completed when a player signs a contract and asks for documents such as registering players, the financial agreement must be sent to the football federation, the league authorities, and so on. Contract 39 has expired, it can be transferred from club to club for free. This is called free transmission.

Players are also lending to other clubs. Generally, young emerging players receive lower league clubs for the first team experience. A team can fill a player in the same league, the lower league or other team outside the country. Loan contract from 3 months to one full season. During the rental period, the team pays the player's salary according to the loan agreement.

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