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Youth Football Coach Horror Stories

Most youth football organizations are volunteered and operated. Many people resemble the Utah Ute Football Conference in Salt Lake City, where the League and Clubs are very well organized, well organized and provide a bonus for coaches. On the other hand, there are other organizations where leadership is self-centered, many clubs have a priority that has little meaning.

An illustrative example arises. Last week I asked a strange call from a Florida coach. There were four teams in his club. The team's two teams did not score a single point last season. The other team had very poor results. On the other hand, the heroes' team finally went into the playoffs, with almost 3 games lost throughout the season. His team was just 14 very average players and had to compete among the better teams between 25-28 players. The team that our friend took has made very similar results to the other three teams in the club before taking over this team. His parents liked him, 8 different kids arrived at touchdowns, all 14 kids wore the ball at least once, everyone played for him last year signed to play again this year. Do you think those responsible would give this coach a coin and a parade on the main street? If not, at least do you figure out what you do differently than the other 3 teams and try to repeat your success?

What do these people think? 19659002 The leader of the organization felt the cause of the organizations' misbehavior because they were "not hard enough". The next season's personal requirement is a common practical plan for all four teams, which is a tremendous bonus for "strenuous" players. According to our friend, the three teams in this club, which was so bad last season, all they did was "practice the kids" in practice while our friend was working and frozen football games, power watch and bird drills, they ran with their children until most of the practice was left or tried.

Whether it was a team of the organization that was successful, there was a team that used the system and the practice method. Fundamental factors: Many of you who use our system know that we have a significant amount of form during our practice , fitting and freezing, we firmly believe that children are only aggressive when they first know exactly they are playing under all circumstances, and secondly, they feel 100% confident in the technique they have to do at the moment. Let's put it in a program like mine, where even average-sized players can add value to each moment and are even superior and have a winner. Due to roles, responsibility and technology, the children are potentially aggressive. Add a method to help children get in touch to gain confidence in their technique and ability in physical football and have a team that is "tough" and aggressive. Obviously, we will explain exactly how to move this step step by step in the book.

The study

In the two-year study, the best and worst youth football teams in the area and the country that poorly performing teams spent almost half the time spent practicing at full speed. Much of the rest of the exercises have performed a lot of full speed full-scale drilling rigs or "hardening" drilling machines or conditioners. On the other hand, successful teams have done almost universal full-speed scrimmaging, but have made a lot of things about perfect fundamentals and responsibilities.

What really worked

My personal team in the last 8 seasons is 78 to 5 and we have very few full speed scrimmaging and full contact drills after "bleeding" the kids' nose to get in touch with the first in a few weeks. We value their valuable practical time with technique and responsibility, not the "casting down" of the child to the ground. In the 83 games he only managed to hit once. We've never found much outside of the championship or state tournaments. Our children love the relationship and are craving because they have a great technique, limiting them, and only giving them "prizes" and because kids can "play fast" because they know they are working on our system forward, backwards and sideways. Kids are getting in touch and in contact because they know the right technique that they will not hurt and succeed. You will not get this when you put the children in contact before you perfect the base. After you have perfected the baseform, you are about to increase speed, angles and directional changes, but you're doing a progression. All of this is explained in the book and DVDs.

Great example of what to do

Here's an example of what some youth coach does, that person I'm sure, but he is not a very good football coach. Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture? The example of bad coaching:

What's wrong with this image:

The coach did not, of course, taught the children how to implement a formatting method, their heads on the wrong side 70% of the time, their heads down 60% of the time, no knees bent 75% of the time, does not close time 80% , there is no coherent relationship with 100% of the time. They kick the ball instead of just putting a ball into the drill and using 30% instead of the borehole through the borehole. They get a repre sent every 45 to 50 seconds. This drill should be done every 10 to 12 seconds with one ball, with several balls or balls, the kids and the coach are a bit difficult to breathe. Kids are bored and the drill has a lot of exercise time but can be easily repaired. Obviously, these children have never undergone a tapping and freezing angle with drilling.

The Biggest Sin

The worst thing to do in my mind is that coaches praise the kids who obviously drill wrong and in many cases irresponsible. I am all praising the children so that every little thing can be seized according to their shoes, but it is dangerous and controversial to praise them for inappropriate treatment. This is a great example of how to do a drill and a great example of how to waste your time with harsh or less tangible results. At least those who read this post may find it useful to NOT work.

I know these kids are very young, but I do not know for sure which of these children have learned in this "football practice". These kids do not deal well or do not do any football that's all about.

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