History of football (football)

Humanity has occasionally played various ball games for mankind. This is evidenced in many ancient societies, an example of ancient Greek society. But the start of modern games began in Britain in times leading to the industrial revolution. The whole villages play together with other villages in the games, which includes several fields. These games were often violent and there was no restriction on which body parts to use.

The continuity of such games continued until the 19th century. More and more people have left their village to the industries of the city. People have been proud of their fast-growing cities, and people soon want to represent their own cities around other fast growing cities. Soon you will play games where you can only use your foot, between the stadiums, between growing settlements. At this stage of history there were no crosses on the targets, only one piece of two-ply ribbon. Other differences, as can be assumed, are not used for goalkeeper gloves, but more importantly there are no rules of abuse, lack of such control, which is a powerful attacking distortion with often more than 10 games.

More and more cities have created their own football team, and at the beginning of the 20th century the disputed composition of football has been busy with leagues and cups. In this area, he also started playing the game on the globe with teams that begin at this time in Germany and Italy. At the start of international matches this season, England continued to be the highest defeat of the rest of the world. With this international popularity, long before the world championship or the world championship is on the stage.

Tactically, the game also changed, the outbreak of offside exclusion went to 5 winners and came in several defensive approaches, teams such as Italy follow-up such approaches to the game. England lost its supreme role, and the 50 Spanish and Italian clubs and the South American international teams were particularly equal.

As the game has been steadily increasing in popularity in the world, this popularity attracts the richness of the former small town sports clubs as multinational plc. With this increased professionality, the game has been used more efficiently for nutrition and exercise, as well as strictly controlling the player's lifestyle. Using emerging technologies and lovers of sports psychologists is used to raise the game to a new level. The future of sport seems to be rosy.

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