Health benefits of football

In addition to amusing teamwork, football offers an excellent form. If you have a problem with a special training program but enjoy the team's sport, football is a good choice for you. Local soccer balls are usually easy to find, and they always play a friendly company on a weekend with a pinch of time.

90 minutes of playing a typical soccer player (the goalkeeper with the exception here) is 4-5 miles. Of course, the total duration of the game is not full throttle. Walk, jogging, sprint and backpedal to reach this distance. The point is that you are constantly moving.

Now let's talk about what this activity is for you.

Weight loss: Runes burn more calories per minute than any other form of exercise. So this is an effective way to lose weight. The body's energy needs are greater, resulting in better metabolism

Cardiovascular health: walking and running strengthens our cardiovascular system, improves circulation and increases lung capacity. Muscles require more oxygen while running and your lungs will use more to meet your body's needs. The heart and arteries also get a workout pumping all the blood around the body. Running has proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and reduce blood pressure.

Strength and flexibility: By chasing your opponent, kicking the ball for a shot and jumping to headers are all the exercises that strengthen your feet. Do these exercises so that you can reach real distance and notice that your arms and shoulders begin to show some sound and definition. And as you move forward, backward and sideways, you need to make sure that it is stretched before and after the game to prevent painful muscle twitches (spasmodic and lumbar pulls are not comfortable!) And convulsions.

General Well-Being: Aerobic workouts and other forms trigger the brain to release endorphins, chemicals responsible for euphoria. Spend some time around the football pitch and it will be very good at the end of the game. This exercise is a great stress reliever.

As you can see, there are many health benefits to football. It will improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen and toning your muscles and may have a positive effect on your body.

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