Grassroots Soccer

Where does the Grassroots football start? The American Football Association looks at victory at college level and is above the youth level, but how can it be based on football? Can someone help you here? What we understand is that bottom-up football begins between the ages of 5-8 and continues at the college. Is the highest level of local football in the United States the national U-17 team or the dormitory level? In the development of the United States during football, when one formulates and thinks of it, it seems that many vacancies are missing. For example, clubs that have a leisure program. Who are these players? Coaches do not educate parents about traveling football. One reason for this is that leisure players pay more money to participate in the club than the travel players. Recreational players can pay $ 200 while travel players pay for the team, so these clubs want to keep players at the recreational level.

Tour team players pay a registration fee to the club but do not pay for participating in a club-wide tournament, rather they play in a travel chain of clubs. Players and parents find it difficult to understand the role of the club's recreational and travel sites. As the club is growing steadily, the soccer field in the United States has grown dramatically. Many players now want to play at the travel level but do not have the knowledge of the travel program. The process was not taught to parents how to move from leisure to football. In some cases, the club's recreational side coaches hold players who play well on the club's travel side as the club has no direction. Only the highest-level clubs in the country have a nutritious program of leisure and travel. This is what I think about the way we see and look around in the United States, the clubs that are doing a good program with the coach director and coaches for 5-10 year old clinics are now the best travel teams in the country. This is not all in the club environment, but some clubs still have to find players to get to the different U-9-U-19 travel ages.

So our free time player helped us understand that there are so many different clubs that can join and play or continue playing these players as hostages while playing at recreational levels. We support our players to take the necessary steps. Many travel clubs do not have a recreational site, but 20-30 5-7 year old children are trying to find and continue the program. Not necessarily the better players are involved in these exercises, but the parents who know the travel soccer. Why are there hundreds of players in recreational programs? Many of these children are trained by paramedical coaches who just read a book and decided to train players for training. Why? Football in this country is much more advanced. We try to create the best environment for players to grow in football and represent the national team one day. Everyone gets this opportunity or feels like kids from all over the world to have the opportunity to play at university or at professional level.

At the highest level of local football (College and / or ODP programs) we have seen some exciting players. We still have to create a player who is dancing on the ball, two or three players dribbles and he gets to the crowd to see him who delights. When we read this article, we begin to see whether we have created this player or that the policy takes on the beautiful football game.

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