GPS Golf Ball is almost here

Since GPS technology is getting better and better, and smaller and smaller, will it be able to use a lot of things? For example, third-level baseballs in the World Series will be able to capture the GPS for exactly how big a punch is scored and to determine where it would actually land if the stadium were flat. So we can tell who was the greatest household power ever, perhaps even those who are on their body weight, height speed, GPS data, and steroids based on "haptics" (exercise and form). Would not it be cool to watch TV series and get instant information about homerun at the bottom of the screen? It seems like a whole new potential betting arena, not just how many homeruns a person is, but exactly how far they are?

The football kicks will immediately become familiar with the exact yardage, with all the games on the edge of the field immediately determined, and there would never be a question as to whether a football actually broke the goal line. Do I know that the referee trade unions have screamed because they will not need it or have a job yet? Woe? Football balls, outside, outside the borders? Yes with GPS data.

Is this technology thinking or not ready for golf balls when using smaller and smaller Micro Air Vehicles and GPS devices for embedded chips for RFID? You just need some imagination. So there is the Tiger Woods a PDA device in your hand that measures exactly where the ball is, far from the next hole, picking up the data from within the golf ball and the flag in the hole. Waypoints also show where the sand traps, lakes, the edge of the voyage and the green environments are.

The recent global discussion and brainstorming from GPS navigation devices focused on sport with the aim of placing GPS sensors in the golf balls to find the golf ball when taking a nasty slice or heavy slice. Part of our conversation reported a recent recent thinker that GPS sensors should be placed on Locusts Swarms to track them.

The idea of ​​setting up GPS sensors for Locusts is a noble idea, but who will pay for this technology is small and does not carry a lot of weight and keeps pace with the other horns, which of course throws away reading? According to our thoughts, the golfing community had to pay. After all, if the locusts see such a green grass, they will all eat it.

I'm running as a kid on the golf course and I saw balls on the tracks and on the tracks. Some of these golf balls used, people's name on them? Was injured in violation of the offense, I could immediately tell who was the bad golfer? With the new GPS WTT golf balls you can never lose your golf balls because you can accurately know the exact location of the satellites and display the data on your wireless PDA. This PDA is a wireless tracking device with you and can be carried in a zipper bag on the golf bag or the steering wheel of the golf cart. Now the poles and flags of each hole would be another sensor, so when you set the ball to "T" for the next shot, you would see the exact distance.

We went a step further and found out how to integrate a mini-meteorological station system on golf carts. Climatronics Corporation's TACMET system will be slightly modified. For those who like to find work, they can be integrated into the small outer periscope into the golf bag; See the TACNET system.

By incorporating the GPS system by integrating the known GIS Golf Course topography and accurate weather measurement of the TACMET system into the wireless PDA, the golfer has all the information needed to make a perfect shot, provided they are willing and its preparatory capabilities so. Our system will also be able to recommend the best club on the basis of a 1-10 scale scale based on fatigue factor by golfers based on previous courses, edge, distance and punch.

Sarasota Company, Great White Shark Entertainment has been well versed in installing Wi-Fi and GPS systems such as golf shot distance and information about the Golf Cart system and the handheld PDA wireless mobile display . These systems will be great revenue-generators for golf clubs and serious golfers who love all the bells and whistles and have the money to pay for them. The system perfectly complements our idea or vice versa, check: Inforemer (TM), this information is available on their website. GPS Industries will do its best. Our WTT GPS golf balls will be more expensive than normal bullets, but it's worth the way the system teaches the player to shoot a better game. Does the golf ball have the same weight? Like any normal PGA Golf Ball

A future thinking on this subject, that eventually, with the help of special internal parts and shaping techniques, the ball would get close to the hole and fall if it was close to it. means no one should be allowed to let go or allow anyone to feel bad, who keeps the score. This future idea would be great for a player who understands that he is not anywhere near scratching golfer, but sometimes he likes to play some. Or for a player who just seems cool, but has no brains or talents?

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