Good practice, bad for games

I was there already.

You feel ready. You've put the job in. Hours and lessons in the gym, pulled up, training with friends, drilling.

All season sessions are in a certain skill, then bam. Could not translate games.

Can not translate games. Somehow when the time comes, you start to feel the nerves. Everything is more vivid and vibrant. All the moves you make will slow down in time, and every decision is possible in your mind competing, which doubts itself on a second basis.

Everything happens. Let's look at the NBA when players just seem to stagnate even though they work on X, Y or Z. (1961) Why can you do that? How does this guy (girl) play in his best, Timmy T's basketball? Let's look at some of the things we can do to improve your performance.

first visualization. Imagine and visualize some more. Ideally, you would like to have every moment and experience in a game that you will feel overwhelmed. If you go to court, you've been depicting a dozen times. When this ball starts, you will concentrate on the feelings of nervousness that you can.

He felt the ball feels his hands were hyperactive and still did not react in some way. You showed me the first layup with the defense on your back. This first step is depicted before you shoot a shot

You lose some degree of nervousness or urgency you feel in games that are likely to be "shaq-at-the-free"

Interestingly, you do not want to completely block the experience, because some excitement is good, so if you come to the game and you're so disconnected, you do not feel like you care about the basketball, you start pumping and talking aloud to your teammates as it is done by professional players at the beginning of each NBA game

. Focus and Trust . The fight in the game plays a great part in reflecting on all the actions and in a spiritual trail of results.

Is there a bad game? I have a bad game? Where is my mother? What do you think my mom is? Oh shit, what do you think my daughter is? My teammates hate me. Kyrie hates me (the worst nightmare).

That good neighbor guy who says he's always there is not that bad, I'm so bad in this one mistake. This is a mistake. If you think about any missed shot, you're guaranteed to make all the mistakes you make for more mistakes and buy more. In addition, you are free to play in the game and do not focus on things such as defense and team uplifting. Good to go, negative nancy.

Instead, focus and confidence. You know, you put the job. You know what. In practice, you've seen your shot many times and you've seen playing better than playing.

So trust in your body. It's not time to analyze more. It's time to play. Just rely on your body and focus only on the right basketball decisions.

Sounds loud: see the forest, not the trees. If you continue to make the right choices and do not take the result, then this result will eventually catch up.

So lose the pressure and relax. Practice better. If you work in an actual team and is less likely to apply, this is still important for anyone who is doing work or having fun. Simulate what happens in the games in practice.

You've probably heard that, and if so, it's because it's true. You have to play "speed of play". Tired in toys; everything is faster. After a second, a screen will appear, the ball will be thrown at you, you will find that it is open and shot before closing the window.

There is no place to "pause, grab a soda and listen to this week" here. Make the same footage in practice as in the games at the same speed in the same state (tired as hell).

One last little quick tip, imagine what you want about your performance. The feeling you want. Do you know when you do this and feel that you are on the top of the world? Something like this

Focus on this image and block everything else.

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