Girl with basketball motivation and inspiration

Girl basketball is the sport of passion, heart and action. It's a game on the ups and downs of high and low. This is also victory and loss. But most of all this is a "thinking game".

Let me explain. James Allen, author, thought, "You will be as small as your guiding desire, as big as your prevailing aspiration." Or simply to formulate what will be our thinking.

Like a girl's basketball, what do you think?

If you're on the bench, are you thinking how to get to the shooting?
If you are a roleplayer, are you thinking of becoming a starter?
If you get a digit on average for scoring, are you thinking about getting double numbers in scoring?

If you're not dissatisfied with the current gaming situation, consider your thoughts. Take time to evaluate how you think about the game, your performance, and what's most important about your skills.

John C. Maxwell's book, Think of a Change: "The biggest challenge for the success of many people tomorrow's thinking is to grow steadily as they do. There will always be charts."

The girls' basketball players think.

Role players play a role because they think they are there.
The progenitors are beginners because they think they are there where they are supposed.

Take your time and think about it.

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