Ghost Seasons, Series – Basketball, IV

The first third of the season was successful for Bobcats, as he was surprised by the following four Western teams. Tyee averaged 21 points, and Larry averaged 13 rebounds and 11 points in the race. Sylix scored twice on average 10 assists and 11 points per game. But the real test would come when Bobcats faced each of six East Division members before finishing the season, and second with the West Division teams. There are four challenging non-league games.

The first play of the transition phase with St. Peter's Patriot took place shortly before the Christmas celebration. It was the last championship race before the break. Pats had a large number at school. They were the largest 1B school in the state and its administrators were sure that these numbers would only be kept under the 2B mark. He has dominated the championship for several years and has won the national championship for the last six seasons. This would be a particularly tough game in Spokane's suburbs.

Both boys and girls rode on a large, medium-sized bus. Three hours later, the troops arrived in Greenacres, Spokane Valley suburbs. Ghost, Abel, and the boys watched carefully, because their schoolmates dominated Lady Pats three quarters. Ghost waved his team to get to the dressing room. After the boys stood up, the Spirit gave them instructions: "All I expected was that the guys would get 32 ​​minutes best, we all know it's a tough team, but we're not paying attention to the scoreboard, maybe these guys are good at playing, and we can only keep them, surprise them and defeat them. "

The boys formed a truncated tunnel to congratulate the winner girls. The warm-ups started with slow collisions, defense shifts, a 3-corner magical drill, and a 3-by-2 drill started with a free shot. The Bobcat boys looked at Pats' new 6 & # 39; 6 "move player, and Spirit studied it thoroughly and assumed the kid was ready for the college ball.

The game seemed to last forever boys shot at 41-22, and in the third quarter, Spirit said to the Refs: "Hey, let's name the homeland bad, even if we're spoiled. You are terrible. Pull your head off! "He cried aloud and the gym was silent for a moment.

The attorney's attorney warned the Spouse to be cautious and threatened but did not make any technical mistakes. He wanted to make mistakes, above all, sportiness and now ignored his own words: the headache and the ghost remained silent for the rest of the game, Abel called for time, the ghost apologized to his sons and tried to confirm their spirit. The game ended and after the time spent in the dressing room, the troops were home.

On the way home led by a Kanaskat trainer, and with a 6-0 record, Karen tried to occupy himself and strengthened the mood of Coach Sintasket. He was a respectable member of the community, his husband was a member of the council for a long time and the Spirit admired the coach's training techniques and coaches in volleyball and basketball. "Kay- did you talk last time? "[19659002]" No, I tried to contact him many times, but no, no. "Well, I usually talk to him twice a month or twice a year, and I visit him once or twice a year on a girl's weekend, and you know he still loves Spirit." He is talking about you and asking about you. "" He is a special way to show love. do you do it? "

" This is his way, he is proud of his work and feels his contributions worth knowing that it is the same for you and he has accepted that it must be so. "

The spirit remained silent, deeply thoughtful for the rest of the journey on the way home.

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