Fun Volley Drills – How to Make Drills Fun and Effective

Sometimes, coaches feel that repeating volley drill drills are somewhat similar to drawing teeth. Players get this painful look on their faces – it reveals that they are likely to go through the movements but not enjoy it.

One of the best and easiest techniques to engage participants to make drills an enjoyable experience. We all know from our own experience that they will learn something better through fun activity

It is important to make a special effort to ignore players when we strive to develop technical skills, which is a very monotonous training. Often, the simple repetition will lose its effect because the participant, though physically concerned, does not deal with mental issues.

Simultaneously "entertainment" is introduced in the equation, mental commitment is increased

How can volleyballs be fun? 19659003] Introducing "mini games" that can be played on daily volley drills

Many trainees have discovered that using a minigame in practice will become an effective teaching method when developing technical volleyball skills. This is especially true when developing skills for very young players who are likely to be as short as they are.

What is a mini-volley drill?

Mini-volley drills aim to train skills through repetitive exercises, but by turning these drills into games. Games play much more for participants than normal repetitive exercises.

The simplest way is to divide the practice arena into "mini-slots" where you can arrange a single, two or two or three or three games. These games not only help to develop technical skills but also teach the participants the valuable skills they need to read the game.

How to use mini-games?

There is often a need for selected monotonous exercises for repetition of footwear or shuffling drills in practice with volley drills. In several games of mini-games you can strengthen the skills that are developed through "boring" but necessary drill movements.

The basic mini-game concept involves splitting players into small teams so that each player can benefit from the activity. Three, two, and more effective anti-counterparts allow greater individual activity for each individual. The purpose of developing individual skills is to have the highest impact on one's activity.

Furthermore, when it comes to these mini-games, it really does not matter what age-group the volleyball players are. Lovers of all ages love to play;

Fun Volleyball Drills – One-On-One Games

As the most important aspect to maximize ball joints, participants – the size of the court must be reduced. The court can be divided into as many mini courts as possible.

The size of the court varies; this depends on the rules of the game. One-on-one games could be reached up to 10 x 20 meters (three meters and six feet). You will find that a 10 foot or three meter long work well on the back row for many of these games. Use a piece of tape to separate the different courts. However, court size and marking boundaries are not important in mini-games – you can even change them between the rallies – as the goal is to maximize the ball.

The most important aspect is flying the ball. If you keep the ball in the air, it will be repeated within a short period of time, which will speed up your learning.

Because each individual will be the only member of a team in a single mini-game, it has every sole responsibility to serve, deliver, set and attack the ball for their "team." This of course depends on the rules of the game.

The game can only be played with one connection when the game becomes a tennis game, which is very useful in teaching attack techniques and legwork. The coach could have made two connections – or the rule that the first relationship should be one-on-one – a great way to teach the player's ability to transfer. New Games Opportunities Unlimited

Fun Volley Drills – Examples of Mini Games

In this example there is a player in one team. Take a mini-game where there is only one ball contact per side and limit this blow. Rather than launching a typical three-stage volleyball offense, we would end up in the top and only have a "bump" comeback in a single volleyball game, we could help with transferring techniques and the required legwork.

It is extremely important for the coach to keep track of the techniques – and to give continuous feedback to the players. During the game, the goal is to learn the correct passage techniques and not to win the game.

You can create a variety of mini-games to eliminate the cycle of monotonous training. Use a little creative thinking to create additional mini-games that entertain the volley drills.

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