Fun facts about football – Fun & Facts of the Famous Sport Soccer

Entertaining facts about football provide information on the world's most popular sports and football. There are many facts about sport that we might not know.

Here are some interesting fun facts about our favorite sport:

  • The ONDA Spanish Football Team fans pay only to participate and watch football at the local stadium.
  • In the previous year's football, referees use handkerchiefs by instructing football games. In 1878 the whistle was shown to be used by referees.
  • The AC Milan team played football matches that were indispensable and brought an Italian record for them.
  • Queens Park is the oldest football club in Scotland
  • Real Madrid has achieved record for five consecutive victories during the European Cup
  • The youngest ever to play football in the World Championships Norman Whiteside
  • Mexico World Cup First keeps the record twice as a country.
  • Argentina's most successful football team is the River Plate team.
  • A dog was able to regain the stolen trophy in the 1996 World Cup.
  • Sports are among the world's most athletes.
  • It is the number one sport that is growing rapidly between university and high school. The United States football.
  • Women's football teams also play at the World Cup races.

There are so many fun things about football.

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