Fulham FC – London's oldest professional football club

Craven Cottage, the riverside home of the Fulham Football Club has been enjoying much more since 1896 since 1896.

Although I lived from London in the long run, Fulham was the first team in the higher classes I & # 39; supported & # 39; There were some cool players, even if yoyo seemed to be between the two best divisions. Johnny Haynes, Tony Macedo, Tosh Chamberlain, George Cohen – all great players; Haynes is one of the greatest ever. Since then, some wonderful players have worked at Cottagers at various stages of their career – Alan Mullery, Bobby Moore, Rodney Marsh – even George Best. The ultimate goal I've ever seen was the best in the League Cup Cup at Peterborough United in September 1976. He pushed the ball into the ball and then swung into the air, then the current Manchester United goalkeeper coach Eric Steele 25 yards. Incredible.

I still remember seeing Fulham in February 1992 – the old & # 39; third section. It was not the best, Marsh was like the day, because I lost home home Peterborough in my home, almost over 5,000 people. Even Craven Cottage was a great place to watch the game. Fans are always passionate about their team and we are close enough to the track to feel part of the action. When Fulham received support from Mohamed Al-Fayed and started switching to the leagues, the club had to upgrade the stadium to meet the Premier League rules but the atmosphere is still better than the clubs.

But I have to admit, that sometimes I wonder if old Fulham fans sometimes look nostalgically at the day they got to the ground ten minutes before the kick-off, they got a good price pie, I wanted to enjoy the players they often met in the city and who did not look more than the fans for a couple of years in a week

An outsider always seems to have Fulham been able to leave part of the traditional atmosphere.The Cottage is still idiosyncrically there – an absurdity in a modern stadium, but it is an integral part of it. Johnny Haynes's recently-presented room blends in as people in the ground they do not come to God, rather than to God-like state than so many others.

No, despite its generous support, Fulham seems to have remained a people club like any other London Premier League club – even in West Ham. Fans probably think of Brentford and QPR as their most hated competitors – alongside Gillingham – just as Chelsea. And with a sly, honest and nice manager, Roy Hodgson has a team that is attractive, yet committed to playing football. If you want to go to London, try Craven Cottage – it's worth it.

And it's a wonderful place to watch the boat race.

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