Football: The Yuppie game

Every year when the World Cup is playing, the whole world is crazy, except for the United States. People in other countries are willing to shake and risk the body and limbs just because they show their loyalty to their team while we are asking what the big deal is in the US. The big deal is football the world's most popular sport. Why do not we have such passion for sport in the United States?

The reason we do not suffer in the US is that most people can not afford to pay for their child for competitive football. Of course, every American city has a recreational championship in which everyone can play. The trouble with city leagues is that everyone can play. Some kids are there because their parents need a toddler for a few hours and have no interest in the game or trying to. The boys and girls are placed on the same team. Skill levels are fair in a decent and just standing position. Volunteer coaches have little experience with young football training.

Football clubs are the best way to learn the game of football. The boys and girls were divorced. Every kid is interested in the game and wants to play. Most parents are playing football and are willing to encourage and support the children in this endeavor. The players are at training levels where they can learn and not hinder players who are too advanced or more advanced. Coaches are familiar with the game of football and are able to teach players.

The problem of football clubs today is the cost. With today's economy, the average family can not afford to pay for your child's costs to join a football club. Many clubs want players to use some equipment and wear some uniforms. The cost of equipment needed to equip players properly can be more than the average family can afford.

Is not it a shame if third-world children grow up and want to be professional footballers, and our children in America can not afford to have the same opportunity? Perhaps this is why there is little interest in America when playing the World Cup.

I think we can change this view in America. This year, join me and look for an underrepresented kid and sponsor him to join a football club and provide them with all the necessary equipment. This can be healthy, but such a simple gesture can change the child's life. Share the fortune.

Ken Hunt

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