Football – The History of Popular Sports

Football started in England in the early 1830's popularity

sports for working class communities. It was regarded as a way

about keeping the kids in trouble around the house

at school. They can cushion the frustration

and learn how to work as a team, it is important to provide assistance

grow up and adapt to life as adults. In 1857 the first clubs were formed in Sheffield. Within

10 years, the clubs had enough to create them

is its own alliance, the Football Association, around 1867.

After the first matches like

Sheffield Football Association and London Football

Association, clubs have decided to be the official rules

needed between the clubs.

The groups team up and try to create the rules

that everyone accepts, but there were many questions

failed to resolve. Although they finally came up

rules, some of the group branched out and created Rugby

Football Union

Although in America, sport is called football

the rest of the world is mostly called football, and

what Americans know about football in America


Football first entered the United States in the top

class; school and college men were playing, but

Until 1862 there was no official football club when a

Boston Oneida soccer club was created

Usually this is the first club,

is a regular directory because it was this game

a norm. The club was an elite subdivision of the population

playing against the pick-up team. Through the

is a four-year history of the Oneida Soccer Club, never

lost the game.

Since the 1920's, football really started

is located in America. It was founded in the American Soccer League

1921, which guaranteed that the game was left; It was

is almost as popular as the National Football League a


Finally, the game and the clubs started

for lower socio-economic children and adults

classes have been formed by a new league called the ASL.

Since the formation, football has become more and more

is a popular sport in the United States.

Today many people stop everything all over the world

in the World Cup finals to watch the game and rejoice them

team. If you want to know more about football, check out the

On the Internet, or visit a local league.

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