Football structure in the United States

I recently wrote about the structure of football in the US and the fact that it was not a clear path for young clubs. The other problem is that you do not have the support as a coaching director without your parents supporting you. The problem with this is that most parents are interested in your children and their team, so it is almost always an angle.

Parents want their children to gain a positive experience, so the winner appreciates it. Players are disadvantaged because if a team does not win the players, they will find another club with a better team. This is especially true of smaller clubs where the talent pool is shallow.

I think it would be a lot easier to keep the players if there was a place where we could send your talent on a regular basis, so that we could work free of charge. The Olympic Development Program (ODP) actually identifies only players who can afford to try it out. When you create a team, you get more money to participate. The USSF Academy's programs cost $ 2500.00 and you must first try to identify them.

The youth club also has a prize, so we're not much better, but we're trying to find a place where everyone can play. We try to keep players constantly pressured from their parents about playing time, winning games, playing games to show their children. They can not understand that it takes time for players to play. This is why they hinder the development of players with the current structure of youth clubs, as at the club level workplace safety is based on parents' satisfaction.

Club Managers spend an average of 23 months. Those who vote in the opposite direction or who are turning to parents' unrealistic needs vote. That is why I say no support. Directors must respond to the USSF subsidiary. The USSF must also pay because the talent is at the lawn level and this is where the next special player comes from, if properly developed.

The current system is looking for players aged 15 and over. During that time, it is too late if the players were not in a training environment that would promote development. It has shown more time, respect and funding for the youth system. The team coaches all said they needed to do better with the development of players because the national team players were technically and tactically deficient.

This will only happen when football culture changes and emphasizes the development of the youth structure with more diplomacy. Too many decisions are made at this level for people who have little or no background for football. As a consequence, the final product is still below the required standard.

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