Football Rules – The Laws of the Game

Football rules are essential elements of sport. In the 19th century, where football is popular, there are some rules, but there is no referee for enforcing or enforcing such rules. These rules do not have clear regulations in the early times, so they caused them trouble. It also caused violence that had a bad impression on the game.

In England, as early as 1860, various clubs were created, and these clubs became more and more profitable as the game became more and more popular in the world.

On October 26, 1863, the London Club organized a meeting in Freemason's Tavern for violent violence involving football, which caused players and the public to be injured. is responsible for managing English football organizations. They have decided and formulated football soccer rules that are indispensable and still applicable.

The laws formulated by the Football Association are the responsibility of the referee when implementing football competitions. The laws of the game have been implemented so far with some modifications.

The law of the game in football and its strict execution, preceded the unpleasant events among players. He also gained a good reputation in the game. This is also used when protesting troops are protesting. Since then, the football game is a fun sport for the public in all areas of life.

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