Football Recruiting – 101

You are in your high school or club club and you have found that you can be at a higher level playing the game than most of your teammates. The idea of ​​taking the game to the next level and playing at college, but you're not sure how to do it. You can find the answer to this question in this article.

Athletic Assessment

Get together with your coach or coaches to see exactly what level you can play at the campus. All high school athletes have only 1% of the Division l prospects, so be it real. 201 dl schools offer female soccer and 199 men's soccer. The problem is that there are only 9 scholarships per school per year, including mathematics. When they left, they went and the walk did not offer many opportunities to ever reach the field. On the other hand, there are 575 Dll, Dlll and NAIA combinations for women and 665 Dll, Dlll and NAIA combined for men. In fact, you can get all or most of the education you pay for the lower level if you are the right athlete. Recruiting football is not just about joining a club team.

Academic Assessment

Get acquainted with your school counselor to make sure that they meet the NCAA's academic requirements in their careers to compete in athletes on campus. What you need to argue with is the basic class requirements, GPA and SAT / ACT scores. I suggest you take the SAT test up to 3 times. Get the best score from each test to get the best composite score. Do not put a lot of files into the essay section if you do not do it well because college coaches or NCAA does not take this part of the test into account at this moment. It does not matter how bright your glare is on the field if your academics are not equal, then you are a community college

Initial Settlement Clearing House

According to the NCAA guidelines, you must sign up for the NCAA Initial Clearing House at the end of your DL or Dll at the University. Go to The Student Guide to the College is very practical. Download this guide or get a copy of your high school advisor and study it as if you were a textbook.


Club futball or not. One way of joining a clubbing is to gain exposure and to notice the college coach, but not everyone. There are costs here that can make dividends or divide them. Time and money to travel to races are a huge commitment. Recruiting football again is not just an entry to a club club.

That's why I suggested getting a sport from your coach. If you are not an athlete of type Dl, clubfutball OK is fun and develops skills but does not get a scholarship. Coaches in the tournaments are mostly D1 coaches, and each one looks at athletes who have previously been contacted. Clubbing teams and tournaments are not the only way to get exposure and are not necessarily the best way to notice them. Recruiting Football With High Tech

Self Promotion

My suggestion would be to start the process already in high school graduation second grade. Start contacting the trainers of the schools you already know about wanting to participate. Again, keep in mind what level you can play. Previously, we talked to get your athlete's athletic rating and determine the speed at which you can expect to improve and at what level you can play. It's important because you do not want to waste your time at the level of contact with coaches, your talent is not good enough to have your team look. Collect a phone number and email address in 20 schools you think you want to attend and contact them. You can always call the coach but the coach will be in the NCAA guidelines when they can contact you by phone or email. Prepare a player profile, the letter of your recommendation from your coach, and a promotional DVD that will be sent to you if your coach so requests. Check out my article "Video Promotion" to see what's in the video or DVD content. Keep contact with college coach weekly on a regular basis after contacting. Instructors are playing an updated game during the game when they are in the season.

Regardless of what the dormitory coach says, you need to understand it and it must be very clear that you do not have a job until you sign a Done. This is a very big competitive game and the work of college coaches depends on them to get the best talent possible. I saw and heard about changing things over the machine road. The next thing I want to warn is not to let the grades slide the last quarter of last year. You may think that you have a business but can be removed if your rating falls under the schools or NCAA requirements. Football recruitment is a serious business for all participants.

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