Football – not just the World Cup

The end of games, winning the battle. Italy has crowned the kings of the world – at least for the next four years. The French team was discharged, beaten by a penalty shootout, and their captain refused him for violent indiscretions.

Talk about provocation in his name. The accusation of personal insults from Zidane from an Italian defender has something to do with his family. If that is the case, then it is quite understandable that it will overturn. But there is a thinking school that should have been more professional than provoking this.

Now the games are really over. The world stage of football is broken down for another four years. What does fans mean? At this point, probably nothing! The only sure thing is that South Africa as the host is the only country where you will be in the next race.

Football generally does not fall in the world. There are several leagues that stun their audiences. The troops – and the players – are worshiping by gods. This is a very important part of the general public's lifestyle. Their team is at the center of their lives on weekends or on weekends, depending on the equipment.

The "Bonus" of the World Cup is actually just another game to be the real supporter. There is a chance to shout at the national team in the hope that they will emulate Italy or the trophy's former winners.

It is probably true that we can say that it is more important that the supporters of local troops are well-versed than on the national side. It's the bread and butter game and the hope of glory that brings these fans back and forth every week.

The interest of a football fan is to qualify as a national championship for "regional" trophies, which takes place between the competition in the world championships. The qualifying rounds of the European Championship and the Asia Championship start in a very short time. Although there will be some interest, it will never be marginal until they see their national side reaching its final stage.

Football as a world view is flooded, understandably, because of its great popularity. That's why incredible sports for many people is a multitude of cakes, not so much the World Cup for their national team, but an international trophy for their local favorites.

A lot of money and prestige are collected by teams who are successful in continental tournaments that have been going on for years and if the team is lucky enough to be in a World Club Championship. The financial implications are not clear. Whatever your position on European competition, it often depends on how the team will go next season. Winning and losing seasonal championships at the end of the domestic season at the final tournament venues. Even the most famous clubs will lose an incredible amount of money due to form dropouts.

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