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Judges are doing excellent work or volunteering for anyone who is playing football. Judicial decisions have to go a long way, wherever they live, but there are many common things to do. In the following sections I will discuss how to qualify as the Referee, the advantage of the Football Referee and the disadvantages of the Football League.

How to Have a Referendum:

The first step to become a football referee is to validate. The requirement of certification is most work at a higher level than leisure football. According to a side note, some free-time football tournaments must prove. Certification is simpler. If the city you live in is big enough and there are football competitions, there is a chance that it will be considered at least once a year. If you have to travel to another city to obtain a certificate. The first certification is the qualification of the referee as recreational games or the qualification of the side clubs. This rating is fairly easy for those who have previously played in the competition. However, you should learn the right method of making calls. At the end of the rating class there is a test that evaluates the understanding of game rules and the proper way of calling. If you pay attention to the class and you understand football rules then this test will not be hard for you. Once you have received the certificate, it is your job to find the job of the payer. This first level certification will often be given to the local recreational champion football boss. If you want to play a club, high school or even college-level football, more proof is required. This rating requires you to wait and take a bridge and test it. As it becomes more authentic, it needs to be measured before proceeding to the next level and the lessons will cover more technical procedures and rules.

Benefits From Judge

There are many benefits to playing football. First, most referral jobs pay. Most recreational football plays 10-20 dollars per game, which is less than an hour on average. The referee club games will receive more, the junior high school football will pay more and the college will pay more. As you get a higher rating for a footballer, the skill levels of the games are increasing, making the game more enjoyable, but even more stressful. You also need to do more to evaluate higher level games.

The Bottom Side of the Game

There are some downsides ofseeing. The first is the initial cost. If you think it would be worth judging, but not positive, then the football referee would have been the best idea. The first certificate, uniforms, wristwatch, whistle, referee shoes, and gas to play money. I estimate that the initial cost would be around $ 150 without finding a used or uniform. Low hours can be disadvantageous for some people. Although judging is a great side. It does not always have the best hours. The races are the main exception. Most people run on two or three days of the week and offer three games, 6-9 games a week. However, if you have more than one rec league in many cities, potentially allowing you to double-play the game and make two or three club games this weekend. There are six to eight months that are competing each year with competitive football. The first qualifying football referees will do less than a minimum wage job who works for 30 to 40 weeks but has less hours. The most recent disadvantage of judges is stress. You can sometimes make a bad call. Sometimes this makes you shout. That means you listen, but other things when dealing with people are the same.


As a conclusion, football is a very good side for football.

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