Football League & Premier League – 1888 to 2009

The Football League is a league tournament featuring professional football clubs from England and Wales. Founded in 1888, this is the oldest competition in world football. It was the highest level football league in England from the 19th century until 1992, when the first 22 clubs split from the FA Premier League. Since 1992, he has divided 72 clubs into three parts, currently known as The Championship, League One and League Two.

After four years of debate, the Football Association finally legalized professionalism on July 20, 1885. Prior to that, many clubs illegally paid "professional" players to increase their team's competitiveness, attracting the Amateur Football Association's code. As more and more clubs become professionalists in the FA Cup, inter-county and "friendly" ad-hoc matches, many have considered each other as an unreliable revenue stream and have been taken into account due to consistent income.

The Scottish draper and director of Aston Villa William McGregor was the first to decide to give order to a chaotic world where clubs organize their own matches. On March 2, 1888, he wrote to Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End, West Bromwich Albion and Secretary of Aston Villa for the formation of the Football League.

The first meeting was held at the Anderson Hotel on March 23, 1888, on the FA Cup final on the name of the Football Ligature, which was held in Manchester on April 1. s Royal Hotel. The first season of the Football League began on September 8 a few months later with 12 club members.

Each club played twice once, once at home and once and scored two points and one line. This point system was only established after the start of the season; the alternative proposal was just one point to win. Preston won the first championship title without losing the game and getting the FA Cup.

Every original football club has at least one rating in history, unlike some European leagues, such as Spain, Scotland or the Republic of Ireland.

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