Football Jerseys – then and now

Men's uniform was transformed into Victorian boots that were tightly clamped under the knee, overlapping stockings and heavy boots in jerseys and long shorts. This change is due to the transformation of social behavior.

Section II. After World War II, the dramatic change in soccer uniforms appeared particularly in Italy and Hungary, which eventually spread throughout Europe and then throughout the world. The shorts were short and the upper garment became lighter.

The material also changed from sack wool and cotton to synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic, which was the product of the industrial revolution. Football sweaters and shorts are still made on these materials even today.

If you are looking for the internet, you will find that the variety of football jerseys have grown in countless designs and materials. Even the original can be found for false imitations in China or other places where mass production seems to be the key to popularity

Soccer field can be seen and sold anywhere Sporting anywhere You find a whim in the flea market from India or Burma. The availability of these dresses nowadays seems to be endless, and sometimes they do not even know the difference from the original with a fake hand.

Of course, a soccer shoe worn by a football team will find it difficult to find, but like anything today, the internet is a good source for anything that is impossible to find in antique or vintage soccer jersey.

Of course, vintage garments are usually auctioned and can only be bought by fanatics or collectors who make money from other fanatics. Some people are too crazy about some kind of football field, even if they do not buy washed jersey.

But then some of them simply wanted a simple football to have their uniform for their local school football team. Most times they create their own design and create their own logos. Perhaps, from the day that football was the uniform for clothing, they made countless plans.

Teams wins the tournaments at international level who are institutionalizing the classical football field. Most of all, those who are counting on decades are football jerseys with the most popular football stars.

You are looking for the internet for vintage soccer jerseys and you will find a list of all popular jerseys or teams or somebody's personalized lists. The older and more popular the footballer, the more expensive the dress.

Online imitations are also available. These are usually inexpensive and are manufactured in large quantities by the clothing factory. Maybe that's okay, because everyone will have the opportunity to play football, even if it's a fake one.

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