Football jerseys are the team's identity

The most important part of the national football team is the jersey. The field can be the personality of the team, and miles can be recognized.

The running of football has caused a lot of change in recent years. Early in the day, they were made of cotton and other natural materials. They were much thicker than the ones we just got. This was a major disadvantage, taking into account the amount of sweat that was absorbed.

In the old days, the jackets were very simple in color and design. They had dark or light colors with simple patterns and the player's name. They were usually buttons and collars.

As the days passed, jerseys evolved along with other textile industries. The game was much more popular with old times, so the jersey had to improve. The jersey became more competitive than the game.

Football jerseys are not cotton now. They are made of synthetic materials and fibers specifically designed to absorb sweat and provide players with comfort. They are now lighter than old-fashioned cotton, and will not stick to the body when they become sweaty. Costume designs have changed a lot. Starting from simple colors and design, modern sun rays proved to be colorful and well-designed. Today's soccer jerseys are not wet and do not stick to the player's body.

Soccer teams for individual teams are used by club sponsors in marketing strategies. The fans buy these shirts in bulk. They usually buy the club field they support. Football soccer players are also hot trends. Fans buy the players in the fields they like the most. The soccer uniforms of Becham, Zidane and Ronaldinho are favorites.

Manufacturers have many manufacturing strategies today to popularize the sale of football shoes. Special edition jerseys are also popular these days. The football field is not just a field. It's a team and a personality of fans.

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