Football in Chile – Most Popular Football Club

Chilean football is one of the most anticipated sporting events. The Chileans love sport the same way that many other countries in the world. Usually, we can see that children play football on the street or anywhere they can play. Chile also hosts some great stadiums and great players and clubs.

The most popular club is the Club de Fútbol Universidad de Chile or "La U". It was founded on May 24, 1927, and was organized by the Universidad de Chile college students.

The club's name has remained one of the most respected clubs in the country, as it evaluated many of the sport's achievements. This team has achieved 12 national cups and is the biggest supporters of the other teams. Los de Abajo is a club fan club fan club that has remained faithful to the club over the years.

The team won more cups, including in 1994, which achieved excellent results, which was heard by more than 20,000 fans in El Salvador. In the following years between 1999 and 2000, he won the match again at the National Stadium. In 2004, the club won the Aperture.

The team was still strong and united and many soccer fans got support. Football in Chile will never die because of immortal love and support for the people. The Chilean common tradition is that when their national team competes in other nations, they join their national team to win a home win.

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