Football – How to Know if You're a Football Fanatic?

Everyone knows that NFL football is the most popular sport in America. They could argue on this issue that football is the most popular sport in the world. It does not matter whether the season is any football enthusiast. Real football fans are living all the news of the NFL all year round. Here's a fun list of how to know if you're really a fanatic.

NFL Preliminary Football

You know it's a real football fanatic when you look at NFL pre-season football every minute. It does not matter if the games do not count on the leaderboards. This is football! How else will you know that the street agent in Southwest Montana will be the center of the next Joe Montana?

NFL Regular Season

This is what is for football fanatics. Nobody is planning anything that would distract you from watching big games. The remote control in one hand and many other food and drinks in the game, this is the game's time!

Clothing and Apparel

A real NFL fan will be your favorite team dress. It should include hats, shirts, ties, socks, shorts, sweaters, winter parks and pajamas.


Soccer fans take their teams very seriously. You must have a dedicated football football. You will need a favorite player in the authentic NFL football field that hangs in a frame on the wall. Other popular souvenirs include glasses and cups in the team's logo. For most football fans, there are optional items such as trash cans, watches, lights, outdoor screens, shotguns, posters, golf balls and bags, bumper stickers, blankets and license plates, all of which are the team's logo.

Fantasy Football

If you do not spend time watching TV or computer, you look at NFL football, you are playing fantastic football in the local league. You are constantly passing through the statistics and trying to trade to help the team win.


Do not forget to see your favorite football team logo on your computer screen saver.


You know it's a real NFL football fanatic when you go out and buy a new TV for the Super Bowl. You are sure that you have a big big screen before the big game.

Super Bowl

The Best Day of the Year! The time has come for the biggest football event of the year. You know you are a real fan when you sit and watch all 12 hours in the pre-game. Apart from medical emergencies, he has not missed one minute of action, regardless of whether his favorite team is involved or not.

Others know that you are a football fanatic in the decade of the size of the Super Bowl party. This is your big moment, and you will not blow it. Not even after the end of the big game. The season does not end because the Super Bowl is over. You know, it's going to be a Pro-Bowl game within a week!

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