Football – History and rules a bit


Football played in public schools in England in the 1800s. In the mid-1850s, efforts were made to standardize space-to-space rules. The earliest rules were made at Cambridge University. The Sheffield Football Club was founded in 1857. The Football Association in 1863, at the Mormon Pub, thirteen football teams gathered in London's Great Queen Street.

Due to the differences in the football league, the Blackheath football league retired.

In 1886, the International Football Association (FA) was formed in Manchester, consisting of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The first World Championship between England and Scotland played in the Oval in 1872.

The world's first football champion was the director of Aston-William William Mc Gregor.

FIFA (International Football Association) born in 1904 in Paris

In 1913, the FFAB (Football Association) Federation was formed, consisting of 8 members – 4 from FIFA and all from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland .


The game is played by a referee. Deciding is decisive. He is assisted by two referees. Maybe the fourth.

There are two teams .. 11 players in each team.


The game is played on a rectangular course

Length = 100-110 meters: the two long lines are called tangential lines [19659003] Width = 64-75 meters: 19659003] The rectangular object is located in the center of each goal line. The inner edges of the vertical columns must be 7.2 meters apart. The lower edges of the spine by the spinal column must be 2.44 meters above the ground.

The penalty area is a 16.5 meter semicircular area of ​​16.5 meters wide from the center of the goal line.


The game has two 45-minute periods separated by a 15 minute time interval.

If there is a penalty at the end of the game, it must be completed before the end of the game.

The team wins the highest number of goals.


There are 17 rules

1. Number of players

2. The playing field

3. The ball

4. The Referee

5. Assistant Referees

6. Game Equipment

7. Duration of the match

8. Ball in and out of the game

9. Starting and Restarting Game

10. Scoring Method

11. Irregularities and Misconduct

12. Offside

13. The Penalty

14. Free Kicks

15. The throws

16. Corner kick

17. The kick of the goal.

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