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Football fans will not look any further! I just started my Christmas shopping for my soccer trainer and I found a really great website that will allow you to make your own online football gift. You can not only choose wooden gifts, but you can draw someone's character and dress them in miniature football sets.

So before I can say "Jack Robinson" is the perfect gift – my friend is a mini Chelsea football set (the most popular team in the world) for printing mugs, washers and keychains! I was tempted to get a poster, a carpet and a jigsaw puzzle – it just looks so great and easy to order. First you want to add mini characters (gifts) to MiniCools – it's really fun when you're on a bare body, choose skin color and then add all the features of the person – such as face shape, facial expression, eye color, hair style and color and whether they have stubble or big fat mustache! Then decide what you want to dress – and this is where you can choose from reproduction football sets from all the most popular football clubs. In the United Kingdom, Scotland and the most important European teams, there are also top football teams.

You can then add a number of accessories to your character – from a football (of course!) To golf clubs, Christmas gifts, a glass of beer or a cocktail, a holiday hat or even a whole set of sentiments! You can only choose to soon lose your time as I am – you can literally make a whole mug family with MiniCools and never be the same!

Uploading is also possible with an action soccer photo – so you can add a MiniCool to one side and this wonderful goal on the other. It's very fast to upload a digital image, just take a photo of your computer and upload it, and the design team puts it on your gift.

You will see items of different things that you can personalize, such as mugs, t-shirts, photo bags, purses and wallets, panties, nameplates, baby buckets and jigsaw puzzles! Yes, everything you have personalized! And the prices are so cheap that they do not break the bank – starting with £ 5, stuff like submarines, key rings or cool magnets is loaded with great stockings.

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