Football (Football) Betting Tip – How to win international friendly matches?

International friendships do nothing for nothing. These games are only important if you use the decisive races as a warm up, such as the World Cup.

Most club leaders find these gay friendly friends all the time. Some of them fight with the teeth and nails with the leader of the country, denying their stars. Players in many cases return to injuries that have seriously jeopardized club odds in the league and other tournaments. The "club vs. country" debate is always controversial.

Traditional wisdom is to avoid welcoming friendly matches because they are meaningless. The results are often unpredictable. But the skilled shepherd can find value in the uncertainties.

The following factors can be expected:

1. Home Benefit of the Terrible Place

Countries of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, etc. Not the most comfortable places.

b) Less than a hygienic environment and food.

c) Strange habits (19659002) especially when the country is predominantly different from religion.)

d) Climate (it is not easy to get long distances from frosty winter in Europe to play a wet stadium in Turkey on a summer night)

2nd Motivation

It's hard to motivate when the games are meaningless. However, remember:

(a) The home team may be more motivated because their country is playing in front of fans.

(b) The game is more likely to be a live forwarder, especially if the Home team plays a senior Away team like England. So the home team will be super-charged.

(c) Due to live coverage, this is a good opportunity for players in "obscure" countries to showcase their talents, hoping to draw attention to sports talent researchers from major European clubs.

(d) The game is used to restore national pride. If the country has been stolen poorly by a player in a previous game, then motivation can be used to play the game as a vengeful game.

3. Team Line-Up

Do not count on the role of the most important players on these friendships. Most clubs are reluctant to release the star actors, fearing they will return to be injured or tired. So, most of the players you choose are often the second link, and they themselves can not do anything to reduce the risk of injury.

When most teams play cautiously, most of the time will be a blurry match.


Most hosts know the same few famous national teams. The countries they hardly heard are automatically "not good". However, since these friendly players are unpredictable, intelligent fans can find great value in some disapproval, especially at home.

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