Football Facts – 5 interesting facts about football

The First Football Championship

It is commonly accepted that the first officially organized league competition in the world was the 1888 (English) Football League. It then consisted of 12 clubs, all of which were in the north and central England. The first winners of the Football Championship were Preston North End.

In 1992, the megabuckers of BSkyB (today Sky TV) have broken the best teams to form their own league to the FA Premier League. 19659003] Today, the original football league has 3 divisions; the championship, the 1st and the 2nd.

Although there are currently 4 professional soccer tournaments in England, teams are moving through the balls (promotion) or down (knockout)

First Football Association (FA Cup)

The first FA Cup finals were played in England in 1872 between Royal Engineers and Wanderers in front of 2000 spectators. The Wanderers 1-0 winners were partially excluded because the Royal Engineers – who were their favorites – lost players to injury at the beginning of the game and only played ten as the substitute was not allowed. "Challenge Cup", as originally known, was Sunderland's C. W. Alcock brainchild who only suggested a year earlier. " The Alliance has to create a challenging cup the" Alliance "being the Football Association, the FA Cup

The World's Oldest Football Club

The World's Oldest Football Here are some facts that should be considered …

The oldest, continuously documented "football" club in the world was founded in the Republic of Ireland by the Dublin University Football Club in 1854. Rugby Union, not the

At the Sheffield Football Club in Sheffield FC in 1857, both British FA and FIFA recognized that it was the oldest ever-documented football club in the world is still playing the Football Association . In England, they play in the Northern Premier League Division 1 South.

But between 1824 and 1841 there is documentation on a "football club" in Edinburgh, Scotland. Numerous documents still exist today, which are the "Ball Ball Club" and these rules. It worked like a golf club, where members chose teams from their membership. The club is now built and is known as the "Foot Foot of Edinburgh Foot" with amateur.

The First International Football Match

The first international football match in Scotland and England, Glasgow, Scotland, November 30, 1872, ahead of 4000 spectators. The result was a tough fight, 0-0. And between the 1872 and 1999 games between 110 matches when the match was disbanded, 41 in Scotland, 45 in England, 24 games ended.

The first Coach Dugout

used the recessed cladding at the side of the track (plug) at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen, Scotland, in the early 1920s. The then coach, Donald Coleman, was built to defend himself while playing the game in detail during matches as he was in practice and partially jammed into the ground to prevent spectators from looking at the game. Visitor groups were so fascinated that the idea soon spread throughout the United Kingdom and then to the rest of the world

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