Football equipment for all football players

Choosing the right soccer equipment can be a difficult task. It does not matter if you choose youth football equipment or adult equipment. It does not have to be painful. But with so many options to ensure that the equipment is of good quality and throughout the football wars.

When buying cheap soccer equipment, sometimes you buy the same item several times. This will be more expensive over the longer term. It is often best to take a little more money and take longer thinking tools.

During my 30 years of football I made good choices and some bad decisions for football equipment.

I have to laugh when I look at my gear cage and see the paddy boots I've been holding for over 20 years. Obviously I did not play many games on the lawn! But in any case it was a good choice. And I can still wear them!

Get started from the bottom!

  • Soccer shoes!

You play any position, no matter. You can play as a goalkeeper, midfielder, defender, or striker. The shoes are not the way! Without crawling and missing the ball, because he can not plant his leg. You will never improve the football match.

  • Indoor or Outdoor?

The inner soccer shoes are flat bottom and made of a material that is more solid than a regular shoe.

Outdoor soccer shoes are made in models that are made for hard areas, solid or soft / wet areas. Some of them have removable bars, so you do not have to buy a new strap when one or two caps wear out early.

  • Soccer Strikers

Not only to prevent injury, but a mandatory football equipment. It just makes sense. Most of the action is in your body.

  • Soccer socks

Soccer socks are used to hold the guards in place and form part of a full soccer uniform. They were so simple and boring. Red, blue, green, yellow. You get the picture. But the increased interest in football is getting more opportunities for the colors. Can you tell Fuschia soccer socks?

  • Soccer Shorts

Bag briefs are not soccer shorts. They may be stylish, but that does not mean they are good at the football field. The less restrictive the shorts, the better your game. You have to fit the team's uniform and take the slip, dive, and fall.

  • Football jerseys!

Your football field expresses your team's personality. And of course you have to mix well with shorts and socks. However, some people would like to buy replica football jerseys to support their favorite football club. They are available to all major football teams in the world.

  • Football Goalkeeper Equipment

The goalkeeper's goalkeeper is identical to each player in the field with some differences:

  • Goalkeepers are wearing shorts or long pants with their hips. This cushion prevents injuries from being prevented several times during a game during a game.
  • The goalkeeper wears special goalkeeper gloves to get a better ball on the ball.
  • The goalkeeper jersey is usually padding the elbows to reduce the impact of their bodies when they land.

With all the equipment, a great choice to carry everything, a soccer backpack.

There are still some soccer uniforms when I was 16 years old.

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