Football development in Sapele, Delta, from 1980 until today

Sapele's football development continued in the late 1980s when some of the outstanding youth clubs were formed.

Such a club was the star of K.B., which was founded in 1988, funded exclusively by the chief of K.B Omatseye. Some notable players from the K.B stars: Andrew Aikomogbe, Destiny Iyonu (late), Oke Mariere, Femi Coker and Jerome Ezeoba. Another youth club, which had a prominent role, was the Pedro stars football club. It was established in 1988 and produced Daniel Odedede, Jerome, Ike Ibe and Elvis Eruje. This was Daniel Evumena's coach, former Falconet and Falcons of Nigeria coach.

The Golden Stars football club was another youth club, which played a prominent role in 1988. An outstanding player was Erivona Idahosa

Finally, the Athletico De Miren football club in the beautiful city of Sapele (1986-1995) became the hostess and won some domestic laurels.

The club remained until 1995 when Larry Kubeinje arrived to Sapele to raise football and Urhiapele FC was born in 1996. Urhiapele FC won the Delta State League as the first club of Sapele to establish a trophy.

The club was able to achieve this remarkable performance on a loud technical bench driven by Pilot Solomon Ovieghara and enterprising players – Faith Igbayo, Elvis Eruje, Ike Ibe, Godwin Ovieghara, Erivona Idahosa, Cyril Emujuag and many others He experimented with.

won the State Championship, with more than 18 players signed a professional contract with some Nigerian Pro League teams.

In 2008, after retreating from the Delta United of Warri Pro to the Amateur Division, a slot wa was played by Sapele in the Amateur Division and was taken over by Sapele Okpe United FC, which is currently the only amateur football club the Sapele.

It is worth mentioning some of the youth teams that did in the early 80's / 90's but never gained much emphasis. The list includes Emeka United, which was founded in Amukpe sapele and was under the supervision of Chikodi Onuoha and John Okokoyo. The team created an inspirational attacker – Freeborn Itejeri, who later joined the KB Stars and eventually became the key player of the Aba Millionaire club (Enyimba FC) in the 2004-2006 season.

It is sad, however, to note that all Sapele youth clubs have forgotten their forgetting because the lack of public and private sponsorship and administrative errors were serious.

In a clear comment, Sapele's enviable reputation is that FIFA's Daniel Aghante (Fekete Nyilas) FIFA's Badge stands in the then Bendel state.

A 5,000 last modern stadium is still under construction and after finishing, the development of football is further strengthened not only in Sapele but also throughout the state.

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