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Develop Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion is a team's interaction and communication, all of which focus on the same goals and work as hard as they can to achieve each other. Team cohesion affects everything on teamwork and socialization, and this clearly shows that the activities of the group can improve, but can increase tensions between certain "clicks". The term "clicks" means the expression of groups in groups (groups) when members of a team stay with the selected members and do not mix with the others in any activity.

This can happen in newly formed teams, if some players know each other outside the team, they will obviously create a certain click that will remain in their own selective group. This is a great example of this in the 1997 Lions Rugby Team, where we can first see the different countries of their own country.

This, however, affects not only large professional sites but also at any level of sport. The semi-professional football club, the clicks are noticeable on all four sides of the club from the Youth Team to the first team. Mostly, local players know each other when they socialize and grow together, with many new signups coming from the team anywhere in the UK, which means that local players are difficult to accept, which can cause tension and no strong link between the team.

Cohesion is also a way for members of every member to get out of their own comfortable zone and get them to interact with members of the team who do not know or generally do not work. This can increase your bonds within the team and increase the reputation of players you first did not know. However, this does not have to be done on the rugby or soccer field, which can be done in a social environment. For example, the Lions went for a week with group activities that had nothing to do with rugby but all these activities where the team worked.

If we see the players mixing together, laughing and joking, helping and motivating each other, it's a brilliant way to improve team cohesion, which can then be brought to the playing field where they will do the same and work together. In the semi pro club, the tie is in a very different way, but maybe the same outcome will still be. Rather than taking players into a team-activity week, players and staff are tied outside the training ground and in bars and clubs, not in the best semifinal session, but also from bonds that are bigger. However, this way of increasing team binding is not the best idea, as players who do not drink and do not go to pubs and clubs can suffer and lose this team tie. I believe that the most ideal type of social attachment we can do to achieve the best team cohesion, the Lions Activity Group.

Factors Affecting Cohesion:

There are many other ways to influence and improve team cohesion as a team activity week and ensure that the team focuses on the same goals and does not try different things. After the team's mind is set for a certain purpose, it will win all the games, that is, Arsenal or just the best match, at least the team players know what they need to do to achieve it.

The Lions Rugby team set out their goal, then sat down and discussed what they need to do to reach their goals. I found this to be a great way for players to feel that they have a say and it was their own responsibility for what rules they are while they are on tour. The reason that is so affective because it was created and accepted by players when a rule is broken, they know that they are badly than they feel from moral morals.

Again this difference is very different from the semi pro club, it seemed that the goals were always set by the staff (manager, assistant manager), at the beginning of the season they say what we need to achieve, they think. This means that every player in the team has different prospects for the team's potential productivity, which means that each player has their own goals, which means that team cohesion is lost.

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